When is a metre not a metre?

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Just a general observation.
How does Carrara work out its measurement system?
If I create a 1 square metre cube in Carrara and export it into Unity, the cube is not a metre squared in Unity.
In general I have always had problems working out scaling between 3d apps, why is there not any consistency?
Sure it doesn't matter if you are working only in Carrara, because everything is relative, its only when switching between softwares irritating scaling issues occur.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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    HI Richard :)

    Most 3D applications have different scaling units.

    It also depends on the format you're using to transfer the model,. for example OBJ, DXF, and a few others do not have an internal measurements system.
    It depends on the scale you used to model the object, and the scale you selected when importing the object.

    Normally there are some default options in most 3D programs which handle that conversion for you,.

    For example: 3D-Max has a "Carrara" option under OBJ import/export, as well as options for Daz Studio, and Poser, all of which have different scaling units.

    this may help...

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    Thanks for that mate.
    I notice that the majority of the apps have 1 unit = 1 metre which seems sensible.
    Carrara 1 unit = 1 inch. !! Who still works in inches? ;-)

    I understand the problem, nevertheless remains an irritating issue.


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    Who still works in inches?

    All of us old, old....old Americans! :D

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    Vote for my bug: https://bugs.daz3d.com/view.php?id=40137
    I requested the ability to specify the units during export.

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    Carraras inner-built rendering engine calculates everything by inch. Even if you choose the metric system Carrara will still use inches for calculating those scenes. That problem is caused by RayDreamInc who programmed RayDreamStudio roundabout 23 years ago which is now called Carrara.


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    I'm with McGuiver, still working in imperial units, despite the UK changing to metric in the 70's

    I work in both,.. but prefer imperial, ..it's what I learned at school.
    most people I know still talk about distance being in Miles feet and inches.

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    Well, to be absolutely honest, I work in metres, cms and millimetres. But strangely still think in Miles and Gallons, English roadsigns are still in Miles. Who knows what litres per kilometres is? And finally, I buy my beer in Pints.!!

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