Children's Play Blocks

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Alright, so I got busy over the last couple of days. LOL. The kids don't have much! If I were able to model clothing, I would, because they seriously lack in clothing, hair, pretty much EVERYTHING. Anyway.... I did manage this set of play blocks, though. =) Lei was kind enough to pose with them for me (I'd better sleep with one eye open, she tends to get even...)

They are standard Poser props files (.pp2) with .png thumbnails.
There are blocks for both the alphabet and numbers (A-Z, and 0-9) saved to the prop library.
I also saved out a couple of 'grouped' presets. The block to move the whole group around is renamed to 'CONTROL BLOCK' for ease of use.
The folder structure requires P5+, also there is ambient occlusion in use on the texture settings of the blocks, so I'm not sure how well they will or won't function in DS.
I did include a labelled texture TEMPLATE just in case someone wanted to do something better than my crappy kiddie textures for the block.

Folder structure basically looks like this :

--> Alphabet Blocks
--> Number Blocks
--> Preset Groups

I included two of the detail promos and the thumbnail so you know what to look for on the site.

Prop file can be found here :

Located in the 'PROPS' section on the LEFT hand side navigation menu of the site. Scroll to the bottom, newer items on my pages always wind up at the bottom of the page. You'll find it there. =)

Any questions, let me know. Have fun, folks.
~ Seliah


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    These look fantastic! Now I have something to give the little guys for Christmas. Thank you.

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    Definitely nice. Now, little Chris has something to play with.

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    Thanks. :-)

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    These are adorable! Thanks so much :)

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    Thanks! These look like fun...

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    I'm glad ya'll like them. Hope they turn out useful for folks. ;) The kids have so little, I find myself wanting to keep doing stuff for the kids and WISHING that I knew how to model, rig, and conform clothing for the kids...LOL They need EVERYthing! Incidentally, I scaled the blocks here against a Maddie and Matt 3. I figured if they were good 'stacking size' for the Mil3 Preschoolers, that they would be decent stacking size for the Kids4 as well.

    I don't know how well they will or won't work in Studio, though... so if someone runs into problems using them in Studio, let me know. Conversely, if anyone knows where I can find a decent tutorial on making Daz Studio material settings, I'd be interested in that, too. I'd like to be able to support DS more directly, but I'm still in the floundering stages of DS just for doing simple lights and renders, let alone content creation! LOL

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    Thank you for your letter and number blocks. Works great in Daz. What are you using to model your props? im trying GSU8 but having issue's with light shining through things i make (damm!!). Im new to making props for Daz so i got a bit to learn, but thats the fun part.
    The pic is something i knocked up i a few mins.
    ps this is the first forum post i have ever done so i hope im pushing all the right buttons :)

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    That's cute, Tekno! I'm glad they work in Daz!

    The program I use for modelling in is Wings3D. It's a freebie modeller. I have Hexagon as well but to be honest, it is WAY over my head. So I just stick with Wings. LOL.

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    Thanks, Seliah! These blocks are quite pleasing to the eye. I *like* the textures, too. I'll probably get a lot of use out of this set.

    Happy Holidays!

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    I certainly hope you do get use out of it. =) Glad you like the textures; I actually fought with those quite a bit, just because I was trying to get something that was basically "playschool/kindergarten/toddler"-ish without being totally gaudy!

    I was originally just going to do the usual ABC/123 blocks, but then I just started going on past that... mainly because of all the 'blocks' sets I've seen out there, most of them only offer ABC/123 anyway, and I hadn't seen anything that had the full alphabet or basic numbers in it, so I really wanted to include the full sets with this.

    It's all just the same prop object... the only difference between the blocks is the texture applied. I saved them all to the libraries so people had a 1-click way of getting the blocks they wanted, without having to go in and reassign image maps constantly.

    And I am rambling. I can't help it. :/ It really bugs me that the kids are so neglected. The K4 doesn't even have a passable morphs++ pack from Daz, for crying out loud! You got mediocre facial morphs and nothing but Chibi or Dolly or Heavy for the body morphs. Woopdie-do, you can't even individualize their body shapes without the Morphlets pack!

    So yeah. The ABC blocks came out of the fact that there's so LITTLE out there for the kids... and I try to every so often put up something new for for the kids. Might be the Gen3's, might be the K4's... but every so often I try to do something for one or both of them! They need it. =)

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    What a neat freebie :-) Great to see something for the kids

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