Help? Issues with Animation - Missing Tab?

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Im really tearing my hair out here....

In a nutshell, the first time I ran Studio 4.0 64bit (free one, registered with the key), I got the animation tab, and was able to easily create a simple animation of a person jumping (Great!) with some presets.

I then downloaded some content (props etc) and added it to my library folders. I could still edit / use the animation tab. After a reboot, the animation tab went missing. Since then Ive uninstalled and reinstalled *twice*, and rebooted each time. Before installing the second time (Ie. after the second uninstall), I deleted the folders from my profile directory, app data folder, basically anywhere I could find a folder for DAZ. Made no difference. (Pose & Animate --> Posing Tab visible, no other tabs available)

Ive checked plugins and being only 6 hours old, the aniMate2 plugin is still showing 30 days. Ive tried different viewport configurations.... no luck.

Also, most the web links go to a dodgy looking web page with just some tags and basic URLs in them. All other app's web links work fine on my pc so doubt its another app.

IVe searched the forums and other than finding the search doesnt support parts of words, I didnt find anything useful. I can provide a screenshot if you like.

Someone please tell me what Im doing wrong here.... 6 hours wasted to get 60 frames of one test animation doesnt make for good productivity or help promote the product......


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    Is the tab available under Window Menu > Tabs ?

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    carnite said:
    Is the tab available under Window Menu > Tabs ?

    no - I only get a couple of aniMate options, and thats only after I switch from Full Service [beta] view to one of the other views. Otherwise the Windows menu doesnt give me any other options.

    Ive attached a screenshot. Im sure that there was an animation tab before. But no matter what I uinstall, delete, reinstall (including 4.5 beta), 32 bit and 64 bit, none of it helps.

    Im assuming there is some hidden file buried deep inside some obscure folder not included in the normal locations, because each time I uninstall, try and clear off any remaining files (program data, app data, program files, program files x86 etc) and then reinstall, my views comes back exactly the same.

    I refuse to reinstall my whole OS just to get this back :(

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    Is it the Timeline panel you are looking for?

    If you go to Window Menu > Tabs > Timeline, then the Timeline panel should display. The first screenshot shows my Full Service Beta with the Timeline tab option. I have no idea how to dock it though - I use City Limits, so the second screenshot is what mine looks like.

    Edit - sorry, the image additions on this forum are sucky :).

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    The Full Service layout is intentionally reduced in functionality as to help simplify things for new users. City Limits is the everything available layout.

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the replies - Carnite - I was able to get the timeline after a little digging. Hmmm, your screen shot only shows the Posing tab too. I thought I might have done something by accident to disable it - but maybe it was something else.

    Maybe this is just feedback from a n00b in regards to the Beta interface - a "reset interface to defaults" type option might help? :)

    I think Ill try and learn the full interface....


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