Southwestern Pennsylvania

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Looking for anyone in Southwest Pennsylvania/Eastern Ohio to assist me getting started. Anyone with even a small grasp of DAZ and/or Bryce would be greatly appreciated. Trying to learn alone is frustrating. Need someone to bounce back & forth with.
Thanks in advance - just TOM


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    You could always post any queries that you have on this forum, that is what it's for.

    People here can also help you find tutorials, and guide you to the right path. There are a host of videos created by DAZ 3D on YouTube as well, and these can be downloaded to view at any time. It would be ideal to have a one-to-one with somebody who lives near you, but that is a real long shot.

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    As Jimmy says, feel free to post any queries here, we are a friendly bunch, and with the time differences, I think there is almost always someone here (UK here).

    Take a look at the Daz You tube channel, they have tried to sort it out into playlists, but it can still be a bit of a search, (link in my sig)

    The Daz documentaion centre is a useful resource and is continually updated (link in my sig)

    Start here -

    Good luck and most of all, enjoy it!

    Ian :)

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