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Hello!!! really, I have a hard time, re installing carrara8pro...
I have the 8.5 beta, and also install the 1.1.12... ok, I see the both in the contraol panel,; and I can uninstall one or the other... But I can't open the 1.1.12... all the deskstop link, even named, open the new beta...
and it seems that, now I get Smith micro poser 9 pro installed, that runtime is'nt automatically detected, and not at all added to carrara... if I select manually, I see all the folders, but they are empty...
mainly, how to get back the two c8pro, old and beta??? thank you for help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    HI Celmar

    did you make sure that you installed the Carrara 8,... into a Different folder from the 8.5 beta version.
    The programs should be in separate folders.

    If both of the program Icon's are opening up the same version, (beta) ...then it could be that you've installed the beta into the C8 folder.

    First thing to do is uninstall the beta. using the product uninstaller,. or through the control panel.

    You don't need the beta right now,.. and if you're having problems with either version, then figuring out one problem at a time is easier.

    Once the beta has been uninstalled,.. Try the desktop icon to launch Carrara

    If it works,..

    Try re-installing the beta, making sure that you install it to a New folder,. such as "C85beta"

    I fit doesn't work,. ... Go to the program folder, find the Carrara.exe , and double click it to launch carrara.

    If Carrara doesn't open,.. Unintall it, and re install it,. then make sure it works.

    For poser 9,.

    I'm not sure why you're seeing empty folders,. ..Have you installed all the Content that comes with Poser 9, such as figures, hair, etc..
    or any Daz3d Models,...
    If not,. then they would be empty.

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    thank you, 3d age!! I've done what you say, and, fine, I get the 8 and the 8.5 version...
    to install is less fortunate, for me! I can install the clothes, and the animùals, but the "basic" V4.2 and the girl, and M4, seems impossible to install... maybe it's necessary to install V3 and M3 before? ao maybe V5 is going to be possible in C8 (not the beta)..
    curiously, one thing which works: I have done different puppetts, male and female, with V4 and M4, and stephanie, all morphs, and hires textures, savec in .car... even if all the charcaters aren't now installed on the new comlputer, I can open these "pupett's files", and have them with all the morphs...

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    HI :)

    What errors are you getting when you try to install V4,

    V4, the girl, M4 should all be able to be installed into Daz Studio or Poser,. or a "Fake" poser install.
    they're not dependant on any other figures being installed.

    The morphs packs can only be installed if the figures are installed, but that's the only dependency files I'm aware of.

    You should also be able to point the V4 installer to Carrara's program file and install V4 / M4 into carrara, and it'll, create a Runtime folder

    so, it's a bit confusing when you say you can't install it...

    Any info on where it stops,. any error messages, warnings, etc.. or pics.. would be useful


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