asking for comments on this render

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called sunset

thanks shlomi


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    In general, I like it. The layout is nice, ground color looks good, ground cover is good, and I also like the clouds.

    The lighting looks a little unnatural to me, but that's not necessarily a bad thing depending on what you're trying to do. I might also darken the color of the needles just a little and the trunks/branches a little more.

    I would, however, be curious to see the scene lit with a realistic sky and global illumination.

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    realistic sky
    no GI


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    Hi shlomi laszlo :)

    I agree with Kodiak3D on the lighting,

    There are a few other things to consider when you're creating a landscape piece like this.

    To create a sense of Depth, and perspective,. you can use several terrains,. move some away from the camera, and scale them up to create distant mountains,. a Middle ground,. and a Foreground,.. where your figures can be placed to give the whole scene a sense of scale.

    Some of the shaders, such as the tree trunk shaders could use some different shades of brown with a fractal noise mixer, or gradient, and maybe some bump.

    To me,. the main tree seems to be,.. kind of blocking the view,.

    IF you imagine looking down a valley,. , you probably wouldn't take that photo with a camera,.. with the tree in the main part of the photo, ..unless there's something in the tree ..I'm missing :)

    You'd find a better position for the camera which gave you a better view of the forest, spreading into the distance.

    It also looks like you have some Volumetric clouds in there,. but they're way back behind the tree's, and so they're harder to notice and they'll add a lot to the render time.

    If you add a Realistic sky, there are several cloud layers you can enable and adjust, with different cloud types, and options..
    you'll also see an Atmosphere area where you can increase the Haze altitude and density,
    this will also add to the sense of depth in the scene.

    I hope that makes sense.

    This is a scene I was playing about with, using the Genesis basic male and basic female, using M4, and V4 shaders.

    The figure's are on a little plane , with a terrain in the back,. and then duplicates of that same terrain, scaled, squashed and rotated to form different looking features.

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    Good points by Kodiak and 3dage.

    In addition, I would point out that you can group objects and then use the group in the surface replicator. A good example would be the fern-like plants. If you look at adult healthy ferns, there are multiple fronds per plant. I would duplicate a few fronds, rotate and scale them slightly, and then group them before using them in a surface replicator. You can also set a random scale in the replicator editor and also rotation. make sure that if you do use a group to adjust the group's hot point accordingly. Usually near the bottom of the bounding box- Doing so will help avoid half the object appearing to sink half-way into the terrain or whatever you're using as your surface.

    In these examples I used replicated groups with randomized scale and rotations. In the jungle image I also used separate maps to drive the position of the ground cover and the trees.

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    Wrong thread, sorry.

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    To avoid the technical I wonder what was your inspiration. I hate to sound like an art critic but if you don’t wish to create feelings or emotion …. A good image sends a message, even if it’s just buy my product. I do not feel anything when I look at this.

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