Large bounding box when grouping

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I have noticed a odd behavior in Carrara 6 pro when creating a " Group " which I then drag into" my objects" folfer to create an object.
This particular group has 4 objects. When I click on the group the bounding box is quite a bit larger then the sum of it's parts.
If I ungroup and click on each object the individual bounding boxes are tight to the objects, But if I then group again, the bounding box is about 50% longer and 25% deeper the the area of the group. The group does contain anything glows and I wondered if that could effect the overall size of the bounding box, but if I click on anything glows alone the box looks correct.
This makes life a little more difficult because I use collision detection to assemble objects, and this "large box " makes it tough.

Short question is it possible to change the size of a bounding box on a group without effecting the size of the group itself.


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    have you tried centering the hot point for each individual object then group and center the hot point for the group? i dont like carraras collision detection the detection seems to be for the bounding box and not the geometry. cant slide an object between objects at least i cant

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    I don't know about Carrara 6, but in Carrara 8 if you group an Anything Glows object with another object it will extend the bounding box to include the position of the invisible Anything Glows object.

    If you align the Anything Glows object to the visible object before grouping, the bounding box should look better.

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    Thanks Dean
    I'll check it out.

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    YOu have an object that you have grouped that you have not intended to Like a LIGHT that is way off ! I have done it many times! Please recheck your GROUPED OBJECTS!

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