C8.5 adding shapes and finding parameters

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So I started playing around with genesis some and for someone whose warped like me it is a lot of fun. However, one thing quickly became apparent: there are a *lot* of parameters and it can be hard to track down which (or which combination) is causing what.

For example, I started tossing in a few shapes (some reptilian, mountain troll, mavka, hitomi, ... I really don't remember what all) onto michael5 heroic. And I got a whole lot in and set before I noticed that the jaw was protruding out of the face. Obviously the thing to do is unset some of what I had set, but which were they? I really didn't remember. Digging through looking for what was changed from zero is a royal pain when there's as many options as you have with genesis and toss in some extras. A good example is the list above -- I forgot to put sabbatic goat.

An option to restrict the view to only non-zero parameters would help enormously. Does that sound like a good idea to anyone else?

Also, I thought at first the import wasn't working right. To add a shape you are supposed to have not the root of the figure, but Genesis or Actor selected, otherwise you will get the figure imported instead of the shape. Fair enough, but with Actor selected I got the figure anyway -- so I thought the shape hadn't -- but it had! I know for a fact this happened with Mavka, others I can't remember if I loaded the shape a second time. Looks to me like a bug...

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    DAZ Studio has it, very convenient.

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    Even before Genesis it would've been handy, but now it is practically necessary.

    So I take it I'm correct and C8.5 lacks this capability, it's not just a matter of my missing how to do it?

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    Carrara doesn't have it, no. Maybe a feature request, if there isn't one already?

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