Spartan Nightmare

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I cannot seem to get these models to rig at all. Documentation and movies are no help at all. I need these Halo Spartan models for a project I am working on, but they are static models - basically just props. I've tried slicing them and applying them to genesis or Michael...... and you can imagine the nightmares that resulted.

Anyway, I am rather tired of trying to rig this stuff up and I certainly to have have the money to purchase the utilities for Daz Studio 4 Pro to do it myself, so I come here to ask for help.

Right now, all I need is the MK IV properly set up. Standard Genesis layout. If you can make it a morph, that would be great. I just need this set up. In order for the helmets to have the proper display characteristics, the visors had to be dissected from the helmet- those setups are in the dissected files of each folder. Just take the helmet and visor from the dissected files and replace the helmet on the full figure.

The EVA models in the folder "Maine" are not necessary at the moment. In order to apply it, use the same method as above for applying the dissected visor helmets. If you can apply a morph to make the figure shift from one helmet to the other, that would be awesome.

Don't worry about the shoulder or extra chest armor. I can handle that.

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    Forgive me but, i'm not sure what you're after....

    Do you want someone to "rig" these models for you, ?

    Daz Studio4 pro, is currently free, and has all the tools you need to Rig a model.
    for example: the "Transfer Utility" will transfer the bones from a Genesis figure, into another model you've imported as an OBJect
    so, you don't need to buy any more tools.

    A "Prop" is the name given to any static 3D model,.. "without Bones".
    When you add Bones to a 3D model, ..then it becomes a Figure.

    A "Morph" is a linear change in the geometry (vertex positions) of an object.

    One question that instantly comes to mind is :
    Did you make these models ?

    If not, .. do you have the rights to use them, and distribute them ?

    If not,. then you should remove that link.

    Hope it helps

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    Are these your models? If not you can't distribute them and ask others to modify them for you. I've removed the download link pending clarification.

    Remember that DS4 Pro is currently free, you don't need to buy the tools.

    Edit: OK, I should have refreshed before replying.

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    They are models I picked up on the internet. The page said I may use and modify them as I like as long as I give credit.

    However, the models in that link are just the ones I need for my project. I've been trying to get Studio to transfer rigging, but it never works. It tells me to select the figure I am taking the rig from and select the figure receiving the rig. I do, but it does not work. Even when converting the models to TriAX it still didn't work. That is why I am asking for help.

    EDIT: Of course it would help if I could force the application to recognize the whole figure as one instead of it's individual regions. -_- In addition, I can usually get the root bone, however I can not align it to the figure. It always comes in horizontal and stays that way. And when I add a child bone, the figure disappears.

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    Are these OBJ files? If so import them, line them up so they fit the base genesis (not a morphed genesis) and then export them again. Now import the adjusted OBJ into the scene and run the Transfer utility on the OBJ and Genesis.

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    Are these OBJ files? If so import them, line them up so they fit the base genesis (not a morphed genesis) and then export them again. Now import the adjusted OBJ into the scene and run the Transfer utility on the OBJ and Genesis.

    I thought of doing that. The trouble is that Genesis and Michael cannot line up with the Spartan model properly. The Spartan model, when created, was posed differently so the shoulder armor could be modeled properly, so his arms are held forward and downward. See the picture. Posing Michael and Genesis will not work either, as they both have a taller abdomen and lower pelvis than the Spartan model does. It does not matter how the figures are posed - they will not line up correctly.

    Image remove for image size. Please refer to this for details.

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    You need to adjust the mesh so that ti does fit the base Genesis figure. You can use scaling, translation and rotation plus DForms if needed inside DAZ Studio or an external modeller to do this.

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    Okay. Instead of reconfiguring the Spartan, I managed to get Genesis to conform reasonably to the Spartan pose and successfully transferred the rigging. I am in the process of deleting extraneous bones. However, the bones are not in the exact correct positions and when I try to reposition them, they duplicate and I cannot remove the unwanted duplicates.

    Also, do I just have to select the appropriate faces for the bones to operate or is there some other way to fix the bones so that they only grab specific faces. I have gone through and redone most of that for much of the figure, but it is still throwing out anomalies. And this is only on the bones I can get to reposition.

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