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Reposting what I got! These are all for DAZ Studio 4 only. Permission granted to convert them to other systems.

Mighty Morphing Power Carrot
Mighty Morphing Power Carrot UV-maps
Tearjerker Onion
Tearjerker Onion UV-maps
Vampire-Repellant Garlic (UV-maps included)

All of these are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0).

This means you're free to:

Use them commercially or non-commercially. Would be nice if you credited me if you used them commercially, but no bigs if you don't.

Modify them, and release them under the same license (thus granting permission for others to do as they wish), as long as you attribute the original to me, and modified version to yourself. This includes the right of converting these DAZ Studio specific items to Poser. It would be nice if you told me, so I can link to them and bring glory and traffic to you!

Repost the .zip files elsewhere, as long as you're attributing them to me. You're allowed to torrent them, put them to file servers, etc, as long as you say that I was the original creator. Again, it would be nice if you told me about that, so I can put them as alternative URL to the text file seen in the main directory.

If they are included in commercial packages (such as bonus DVDs given to subscribers, not as in "take this and sell it"), it would be nice if you contacted me beforehand.

Now, go wild!


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    Thank You!

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    thanks :)

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    Thank you for the new thread.

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    Been a while!

    But I come bearing freebies!

    Free seamless noisemaps for K4, M4, M5, V4 and V5 available here:

    Free for commercial and non-commercial and freebie use. Use as-is or modify, it is all up to you. My only request is that you have fun.

    You will need to tweak with settings (you may wanna test different opacity, layer blending options etc), I daresay, but at least it saves the hassle of generating them.

    I will heartily recommend to use them along with Zev0's fabulous vascularity merchant resource to make your art pop.

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    Made a free feeding trough for those less than modern scenes!

    Get it right from here!

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    I come bearing two horse-related freebies!

    First, a mare morph! Not perfect, might update it someday, but for now, it'll do!

    Second, a foal preset! This is a size-based preset, so it sucks when compared to a proper morph, but again, it'll do, for now!

    Now where to get these wonderful toys? The fastest way is to nab them from the following links.



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    More horses! Except in this case, they're kind of extinct ones... *sad*

    Prehistory has rarely been this cute before!

    Free skin for EurohippusDR by DinoRaul!

    This skin is a freebie for DAZ Studio 4.6 and it uses Age of Armour's Sub-Surface Scattering shaders!

    Still, there are things you can't do with it:
    * You can't redistribute it (without a permission from me).
    * You can't sell it.
    * You can't modify, redistribute or sell it. I know, shocking, since most of my freebies are usually freely modifiable. This restriction is because I used 3D Coat's demo version to create the skin. I plan to get full commercial at the end of the month (hopefully so), so I can make more those freebies that can belong to everyone.

    But here's a list of things you CAN do with it!
    * You can definitely make presets (and link back to this package for the files) in other rendering systems (like, create Poser or Vue materials) and share those with everyone!
    * Render commercial and personal projects!
    * Create add-ons (like, what if you want to make cutiemarks a la My Little Pony for your Eurohippus -- go for it!).
    * Do YOUR own custom skin settings for DAZ Studio and show me how it is done and share those.
    * Have fun using it! Look at it! It is so cute and cuddly! Huuuuuuuug it!

    Stay tuned for even more fuzziness, as Look at My Hair preset is coming soon! (End of June, 2013, probably.)

    DinoRaul for creating such a cutiepie prehistoric creature.
    3D Coat's team for actually letting a user use a fully functional demo! Rest assured, I will buy pro!
    Perfecttex for resources in 3D Coat.


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    Hey hey hey! It is that kind of time again!

    This time, it is seamless noisemaps for G3Female and Victoria 7! These are probably most useful for those who want to build their skins from scratch.

    Genesis 3 Base Female Seamless Noisemap (dA)
    Same at ShareCG

    Victoria 7 Seamless Noisemap (dA)
    Same at ShareCG

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