Crescent's pwToon shader presets

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Hi y'all
just wanted to ask if somebody has a working link to the Crescent pwToon shader presets or if someone is able to make them available through any means.
I'm trying to get the results from the pwToon tutorials as well as other sources where the Crescent shader presets are always referred, e.g. this one here

Sadly enough my renders never turn out the way I want them. It seems like when I fiddle at one point it influences numerous other settings, so I never really seem to know what I'm doing.

I don't know about copyrights regarding these files, but since they're just settings of a commercial software and they're nowhere available any more I guess that should be ok, but correct me if you think I'm wrong.

Please, anyone, this would be greatly appreciated, guess there are many other people wanting these presets too.

thanks a lot in advance :)

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    According to the readme:

    ... These shaders are open source. Feel free to distribute them, modify them, etc., just don't charge money for them. They require Poseworks' pwToon which is available at (pwToon is NOT open source!)...

    Sending a PM as I don't got any webspace.

    Edit: Not sure if the PM went through, it is not in the "Sent" folder at least, but I am not sure how the new forum software handles these kind of things. At least I didn't get any error message, so I'll wait for feedback before "spamming" again :)

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    Regarding PMs, you need to actually tick the box to save a copy of a PM to your sent box. You will find the tick box below the type field.

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    On this page there is a link to Crescent presets among the comments.

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    I too am searching for the the crescent's pwtoon shader presets. The listed link is not working, is there an alternate site or method for download?

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    As this has come up more than a few times I've reposted Cresent's pwToon presets on my shareCG account here. Download and enjoy.

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    Thanks much.  Yes, people are still interested.  :)

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