Tears in my eyes - A small Resumee

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- The new forums are too eyestraining for me. Everything is written in a very small font and in grey (or other nearly invisible color) on grey.
- I can't find the coupon for Platinum membership
- but that doesn't matter because it's a coupon for DAZ only products for one buy only they say. Not much use for this.
- The newer better store - where is it anyway?
- Some days ago I would have asked, if we can have an option to show the complete product description on one page, as we had before.
- And I would have asked to have a button to choose between Mac and PC downloads as we had before.

To solve the Platinum problem I will just cancel my membership. About the other things I will have to keep my visits here short and rare, to not exhaust my eyes too much. And if I buy not very often and not so many things, the tab clicking instead of scrolling (has it occured to the powers that be, that graphic people seldom work on smart phones?) and finding the right downloads will not take too much time.

No smiley

Invisible Addition: I hit "Strg+" very often, to write this.
One -very small- smiley


  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 19,754
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    What browser are you using? Some browsers have the ability to set the smallest font.
    For the PC/Mac filter, the downloads are becoming zip files which would make the files the same for Mac or PC for most products.
    So you are a long time member. Not everything that is DO that is coming out is for Genesis only. There are products that are DO that will work in Poser or Carrara.

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    If you are using Firefox, this may help with the colors and font size.



  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 19,754
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    I do not think anyone got the PC coupon yet. Or at least I have not seen it.:long: where is the d*** crying smiley?

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 10,817
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    No, nobody has received it yet.

  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 19,754
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    Frank0314 said:
    No, nobody has received it yet.


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    Thank you,
    Miss Bad Wolf, Coldrake and Frank0314! :-)

    I feel much better now.

    I have Firefox. Thanks for the "NoSquint" link! It will help my father too, who has problems to read on his notebook screen.

    Yes, as a long time user I have already lots of DO stuff. And I'm mostly looking for Poser content. But also if there will be DO Poser things, I don't feel the change to the new coupon system appropriate. It was part of the descision to become a member, that I could use the $6 on purchases of PA products too. Very often I used it on PA items. Now I don't see a strong reason to stay in Platinum. And I think PA's may get some less sales, if their products aren't valid for the coupons.

    So, nobody has a coupon yet. I assume they will be given out soon? As in DAZ soon? ;)

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