OT: RPG Maker VXAce Ltie (Free Program)

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Enterbrain released a free lite version of RPG Maker VXAce.

You can get details and a download link at:


You also need to download and install the VX Ace Run Time Pack ,which is also free.


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    Nice! :-)

    Will it work with the High Fantasy Resource Bundle compatible with DS?

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    The High Fantasy Resource Bundle was made using renders of DAZ models, but they didn't mention that on the product page nor in the product read me for it.

    You can use your own images to make sprites, character portraits, title screens,etc. I've used Daz Studio and Carrara renders to make stuff for RPG Maker. Doing something similar to the High Fantasy Resource Bundle is pretty easy if you take the time.

    I can post some more info on doing this if you need it.

    The RPG Maker series has lots of fan forum sites that you can get additional resources if you don't want to make your own. some forums even have resource request threads.

    Also, you can download the Run Time Package (RTP) for the other Maker games for free so you can play games that others have made using he Makers that use them, you just can't edit those games.


    Some games that you can download have the RTP for them added in and some don't.

    Tons of free games and commercial maker games exist.

    If you opt to buy one of the other Maker programs 2 things to remember:

    1.) When you opt to try one of the 30 day full trial versions you may get sent an email at some point that has a discount code for the on your trying out. When I got the trial versions before buying the full version of the English Maker programs I got sent a coupon right about the time the trial was to expire to use when I purchased it..

    2.) The official English RPG Maker forums has a Member Plus option that you pay to access and Plus Members get a big discount on all maker products that Enterbrain sells for the English versions.

    Nice! :-)

    Will it work with the High Fantasy Resource Bundle compatible with DS?

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    Ooh, thanks for posting the info about this! I have the RPG Maker VX and have had a lot of fun with it :) I seen something about Ace coming out but couldn't afford to buy a new version so this will be a nice chance to try it out and see what's different between the versions :)

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    Jay_NOLA said:

    I can post some more info on doing this if you need it.

    Would you be so kind as to post some info on how to set daz studios 4 up to render assets for rpg maker vx and vx ace. I searched the web and found nothing. I am new to daz studio and would be greatful for any help


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