Using Puppeteer with Audio

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I'd like to create an animation in Puppeteer while listening to an audio file play.

If I do this inside of Animate2, the motions don't show up while recording though the audioclip will play.

If I do this outside of Animate2, I have to hit the play button on the timeline to start the audio and then jump over to puppeteer and start recording motion - and this has given me mixed results including DAZ 4.5 crashing.

I'll probably just play the wav file outside of DAZ altogether and record the motions, but was wondering if there is a working way to do this within daz itself.



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    Hmm, good point. I'd just undock the Time-line and place it next to Puppeteer so that you can start recording right away. Oh, or make a keyboard short-cut (F3=Customize then look for Animation, I was looking for Timeline and couldn't find it ;-) ) for the Time-Line Play button so you can record the motions directly after hitting your keyboard shortcut.

  • Mosk the ScribeMosk the Scribe Posts: 806
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    Thanks - I seem to be having audio probs in DAZ outside of Animate. Have shortcuts set up but that's not the problem.

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