Particle Emitters filling glass

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Any recommendations how to fill a glass using a particle emitter?

I tried using collide with object setting inside the emitter but that didn't seem to keep the metaballs of this particular emitter inside the container I'm trying to fill.

If this can't be done in Carrara (I know it can in After Effects), any suggested ways to fake the filling of a glass (or bucket or whatever)?
Thought about using a terrain shader and maybe animating the height/altitude parameter to gradually add the appropriate shader as if liquid were filling glass, maybe with particle emitter simulating splash at impact point in liquid and separate emitter to pour the liquid.

Suggestions welcome.


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    HI Mosk :)

    Particles in carrara don't have any volume,. so,. they cannot build up,. they'll simply fall flat to the same level.
    the Particles Hot point is used for any collision detection,. so if you have a large particle, it can appear to pass through the surface of any object before the (hot point) collision is detected.

    You need to make sure the Container object has an inner and outer surface, and the particles are small enough to collide with the inner surface before appearing to penetrate the outer surface.

    If you have an object, like a glass,. or a bucket,. you want to fill with liquid,.. you can create another object, (the liquid) which would fit inside the container object.

    if you create a morph in the Liquid object,. (scaled almost flat) , then you can adjust the morph slider to animate it rising up, filing the glass or bucket.

    I'll make a little example scene, and post it here,.

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    Thanks 3dAge -that makes sense.
    And you don't have to put that scene together just for me. You explained it well enough that I'm happy to try it on my own.
    (Not that I don't appreciate the extra guidance, but I'm sure you have plenty of other locomotives to outrun, buildings to leap over, and hapless Carrarians to rescue from their 3D quandaries.)


    Thanks as always for your help. You really are one of the pillars of these forums.

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