*** Daz Devs - Please Read *** Seriously

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Alright guys, Daz is a neat app, but lord do you need to fix some things:

* When you see post after post of install issues at some point you have to realize it's NOT just user error.

* Accessing the Decimator plugin ONLY via one specific UI layout? Is that very effecient or user friendly?

* I appreciate you no longer requiring a serial number for every feature (go figure), but I literally cannot find a serial number to USE your application because I apparently downloaded the wrong installer from YOUR web site. Try making your exe's link to one repository.

So can someone please tell me where I can find the serial number to unlock the &**&^% FREE application and start using the content I've paid for if I can somehow figure out how to install it?

Seriously guys, please get your shit together.


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    You spelled &**&*% wrong.

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    OK, for a start, calm donw, take a deep breath, and realise that the people using the forums are just the same as you. That is forum members who try and help you. In the main DAZ 3D staff do not browse the forums, or of they do it certainly isn't as often or as thoroughly as other forum members do.

    So to get a serial number for DS 4.5 Pro. Purchase it through the store http://www.daz3d.com/shop/daz-studio-4-pro

    make sure that you are logged into the store, using the login button at top right of the page I have linked to, and then click the Add to Cart button, Go through the purchase process, it is still free, but you need to complete the purchase right through to the acknowledgement that your order has been successful. You do not need to re download this order, but now it is showing in your itemiised order history for all time. You should now be able to see a serial number in you available serial numbers. If it does not appear there instantly it should be there fairly soon.

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    Devs, please note that hyperlinks inside of images (see enclosed) do nothing. That's not very helpful for users.

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    Little hint...you don't HAVE to download it again, unless it is to get the updated version. After the 'purchase' process, the serial will be usable in the already installed app (provided they are the same major version).

    Then once you have the serial, open up Studio and then under Help, click on Register Daz Studio...then you'll be able to enter the number.

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    I have removed the serial number, and the screen shot as well. Serial numbers are unique to each registered user, and should not be displayed in the forum.

    Plus as I have said, you are talking to forum members, not to any DAZ 3D devs. Please remember we are trying to help you.

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    The image is on the Daz web site. Shouldn't you remove that one too?

    Maybe pull out the url inside the image while you're at it.

    I'm aware I'm being harsh but again, I'm not the only one experiencing the same issues over and over--try fixing the issues, and then you won't have to have a dictionary of stickies on your forum.

    Sometimes being harsh is the only way to get people to realize they're not doing a very good job.

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    I am sorry, all you are doing by posting this conversation, especially in the New Users Area, is alienating those forum members who may have been willing to try helping you get things sorted out.

    I keep trying to tell you that the forums are here for forum members to use, and are rarely used by DAZ 3D staff.

    IF you have a problem, then you should file a support ticket.

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    She has a club and she's not afraid to use it. :P Seriously though ramspeed, the forums are for members, not daz employees, so we can only offer help or support and not change the software. As chohole said, you need to file a support ticket.

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