What am I missing here...basic morph failure question.

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Hey all,

I would appreciate some help with something that it seems used to be very easy to do. I googled, searched the forums, but can't find an answer for this and it's basic functionality that used to be simple.

I want to create a morph based on existing dials of a Genesis character. In this specific case, I want the Anubis morph, but I only want to morph the legs (mainly shins, feet, and toes), not the whole body with Anubis. Because of the type of morph it is, I see no body part specific morph controllers. You used to be able to morph a character and spawn a morph controller of all your morphs as an FBM, but I can't figure out how to do that. My hope was that if I made an FBM I'd at least have dials, hidden or otherwise, in each bodypart that I could use to do what I want. This seems to be only hard to do with the Genesis. I can still find bodypart specific controllers on the V4 characters.

In the end I want to be able to morph specific body parts with morphs like Anubis, Troll, etc. I have tried unhiding dials, etc, to no avail. I've tried Morph loader, but didn't have any luck with that.

Please note I am not looking to use a deformer to create a morph and spawn a morph. I know how to do that and that is not my problem.

Thanks for any ideas or workarounds you have. :-)



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    With Genesis the mesh belongs to the root node (Genesis) and not to body parts - as a result every morph is an FBM. That said, Anubis does have sub-morphs including one for the legs; if you go to the Parameters pane, click All on the left and type Anubis in the filter box at the top you should see that, the head morph and the full body morph.

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    As Richard pointed out, all MT's reside in the root node of Genesis, but there are ways around creating individual body part morphs that will work independently of the full body MT's.

    Two methods that I have been employing to do this is by using either Hexagon via the DS/Hex bridge, or Blender using millighost's DS4/Genesis script.

    Hexagon allows one to work on individual body parts by way of Shader/MAT zones. You can isolate your morph to a specific body part, but still have the option to engage all of Genesis to smooth out the zones used. The only drawback would be compound morph targets. Whatever you have dialed up in DS before starting you MT work will be included in your newly created morph. I usually rectify this by negative dialing or zeroing the original morphs in DS. Not sure how well it would work on extreme shapes such as Anubis though.

    Blender, however, does not suffer this issue utilizing millighost's great script suite. He created a morph import script that allows for each morph desired (FBM or not) to be imported and used to create your MT's on top of them. The genius is when you are all done sculpting your individual morphs the way you want them, you just dial all the imported MT's to 0.00 and export your newly created individual MT. No compound morphs issue to contend with.

    You can put them in any category you need (including creating your own) in the Genesis root parameters (head, feet, chest, etc.)

    I hope this helps. Good luck with creating the morphs...

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    This is what I get when I try to filter anubis. I had actually tried this, among other things. The exporting importing into third party would probably do it, but man what a ton of work for something so simple. I even tried locking geometry and body parts and it still affects everything.

    I have no leg only morphs. Sure wish I did :-/

    Oh well. I do appreciate the responses!

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    Go to your Itemised Order History and reset Anubis - there's a newer version with the split morphs.

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    Sweet, thanks!

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    @ DaremoK3, try opening a DSF file for one of your morphs in a text editor, search for the line "vertex_count", the number after this is how many vertices are part of your morph, 19K and it's an FBM like all the rest.

  • DaremoK3DaremoK3 Posts: 555
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    Glad you at least have that option...


    Preachin' to the choir, my friend, preachin' to the choir...

    Spent all day inside DSF morph files trying to solve the Pro 4.5 non-working morphs issues. Please see SickleYield's comment section on her morphs content here for an example:


    Question; What version of Studio are you running?

    If, by chance, 4.5, have you solved the morphs issues in that version. Please add to my thread here if you have any insights:


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