DS MATs for X3D's Hypersuit Texture Expansion

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Texture Expansion for Hyper Suits DS Mats by AMR revision 20120601:15:02
by Adam Rasmussen (adamr001)

These mat presets are free for commercial use, but may not be distributed by any method other than the original download links without my express written permission.

Texture Expansion for Hyper Suits by Xurge3D http://www.xurge3d.com/inc/sdetail/50216/59281

MATs are designed to install to the same Poser Runtime as Hyper Suit Texture Expansion. They will automatically apply from the Pose folder with the Poser MATs.

NOTE: Bonus Visor Poses to quickly change the color of the visor overlay. These bonus poses only work in DAZ Studio. The pz2s are "empty" files to make the .dsa files show up in the runtime directory.

File list:
~ Runtime/Libraries/Pose/Xurge3D/Hypersuit V4/
Hyper Helm Black.dsa
Hyper Helm Crimson.dsa
Hyper Helm Desert.dsa
Hyper Helm Green.dsa
Hyper Helm Hazzard.dsa
Hyper Helm Jungle 2.dsa
Hyper Helm Jungle.dsa
Hyper Helm Red 2.dsa
Hyper Helm Red.dsa
Hyper Helm Sterile.dsa
Hyper Helm Urban.dsa
Hypersuit Black.dsa
Hypersuit Crimson.dsa
HyperSuit Desert.dsa
Hypersuit Green.dsa
Hypersuit Hazzard.dsa
Hypersuit Jungle 2.dsa
Hypersuit Jungle.dsa
Hypersuit Red 2.dsa
Hypersuit Red.dsa
Hypersuit Sterile.dsa
Hypersuit Urban.dsa
Visor Blue Bonus.dsa
Visor Blue Bonus.png
Visor Blue Bonus.pz2
Visor Green Bonus.dsa
Visor Green Bonus.png
Visor Green Bonus.pz2
Visor Red Bonus.dsa
Visor Red Bonus.png
Visor Red Bonus.pz2
Visor Blue Bonus.dsa
Visor Blue Bonus.png
Visor Blue Bonus.pz2

DeviantArt: http://adamtls.deviantart.com/art/DS-MATs-for-X3D-Hyper-Suit-Texture-Expansion-305728620
ShareCG: http://www.ShareCG.com/v/62357/view/21/DAZ-Studio/DS-MATs-for-X3Ds-Hypersuit-Texture-Expansion
Renderosity: ** Coming Soon!

As a last resort, they are available via my personal webspace. Please use one of the other three first!

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