Daz3D Studio 4.0 Pro 32 bit XP, move to Studio 4.5 Pro 64 bit WIN7 (Help) on moving models, etc

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I posted last week about getting new PC and I did with some help from forum for the i5 to i7 questions.

To Start I have over 800 models (80 Gig) in my libaray (so this move is a big deal) and reinstall would be super hard.
Some are the old models that DAZ had to move to manual copy install when the new website started.

My current PC is Win XP 32 bit Daz3D Studio 4.0 Pro, my new PC is Win 7 64 bit Daz3D Studio 4.5 Pro.

1.) I plan to upgrade (in place) my XP 32 bit DS 4.0 to 4.5 and the models should be OK.
Does anyone know of issues with the 4.0 to 4.5 upgrade?
databse issues with upgrade?

2.) After I upgrade the old PC (XP 32 bit), it will be the same DS 4.5 Pro version as new Win 7 64 bit PC.

3.) I was goting to copy (My Library) from the old PC to a ext hard drive. I have a few questrions about my next moves.
The content database, do I need to copy it?
Where is its default location on old PC?
What are the names of the files I need?

4.) The (My Library) from the old DS Pro 4.5 is from a 32 bit PC, new is a 64 bit DS Pro 4.5.
Is the folder structure the same?
Can I copy (My Library) from the 32 bit folder to the 64 bit location?
Or do I just copy some folders inside (My Library) to the new (My Library)?
I do have models that run in the runtime folder and some thar run in the DAZ folder locations.

5.) The last part of the move is the database migration, again the same thing, 32 bit XP to 64 bit WIN 7.
How do I migrate?
Or does it rebuild?
What about old models that do not have a install and are just copied to DAS folders and runtime folders?
Do they get listed in database?


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    You content folder structure will remain the same and is not restricted to 32 or 64 bit.

    One thing you may wish to do is back up all your .daz files. You can pack those up in a zip file along with their related PNG files. But you will also need to pack up your Data folder in order to save them all.

    Whether you do or not, you can just copy everythign over as is.

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