Im staying, or how I learned to love the Daz

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Um, Im staying here. Im a software user who owns a lot of content. Over the last ten years, it has been that long, I have seen a lot of people come and go. I got into daz|studio BETA on and a load of free content for poser. Im not a render artist, though I have made a few cool renders here and there. Im a game designer, and I use daz products to make game content. Most if not all of the 3d content I purchased, was to render sprites or backgrounds. I have a lot of content, some to take apart and learn from, some to use.

I use software, mostly Carrara and Hexagon. I dont use daz|studio anymore and I dont have much interest in genesis or even gen4, I have some gen4 stuff, but mostly you will find gen3 in my order history. I use these things to make little movies, sprites for games, concept and reference art and a few other tasks.

Mostly, I use software. I model in Hex, I even do some 'art' there. If Hex could rig, Id probably use it more. I use Carrara. It has a nice render engine and a lot of features I can make use of. I don't use Bryce or Daz|Studio. I have Poser 7 and Its not installed. I was looking for it the other day, simply for the walk tools, no other reason.

My engine of choice is Unity, its a great piece of software and a powerful tool. Its my final render engine and I use tools that help me there.

Im not going anywhere. I dont like the new forums very much, I dont like the look so much, it feels more 'downgraded' than upgraded. Its missing some features I really like (new replies to your posts) and image links etc. I liked the old forums better. But I still see the same vets around I always have, for the most part. Those familiar faces that tell me its still daz. I dont really care much about genesis or studio 4.whatever. I stopped using studio in version 2. I dont really use Bryce, everything I can do in bryce, I can do in carrara.

I dont care if daz upgrades studio or makes a million new figures each year. I dont care if the upgrade bryce, hey, they might add a feature I can really use.

I do care, if they upgrade Carrara and Hexagon. I hope they do. But Im not going to leave because they didn't get to me first. Im not going to leave because hex has been gathering dust for several years, its still about the easiest to use and most powerful stand alone modeler out there.

I learn here. I can come in anytime, day or night and within a few hours, I can get an answer or solution to almost any problem. Its a community here, at least on the forums, and its that community Im a part of. That avatar you see over there. I made that, in Hexagon and Carrara. I learned how to Sub-D model here, at daz, from a published artist. I learned a technique that will last me for years, decades, in my artwork.

In short, Im staying right here, in this corer of the web, where most of the users are hobbyists and there are a few professionals hanging out. Using software that was a great value for the money to get up to that next step in my career. And Im not going anywhere, anytime soon.


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    i think we only see near updates for dazstudio and hex, bryce, carrara with time will disappear
    you like it or not, i expect in any case no big major updates.
    these 3 are perfectly interchangeable with the free blender app today.

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