[Released] Cephalovore HD for Daz Dog 8


Ranging from horror to whimsy, a new strange morph from the febrile mind of Oso3D!

Includes a rigged tentacle that can be used by itself or placed on other figures/objects.


  • jedijuddjedijudd Posts: 239

    You have quite an imagination, come up with some great original stuff

  • jash147jash147 Posts: 462

    Alternatively, I hope you are seeing someone, as that is just weird. Wishlisted.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 4,641
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    Well, Will, I think this may the weirdest thing you've come up with so far! Have you been having strange dreams recently??? (Maybe lay off the cheese before bedtime)

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  • Oso3DOso3D Posts: 13,675


    I'm just a huge fan of weird stuff, like Lovecraft, Dali, the works of Wayne Barlowe... Hellboy (which, like a lot of fantasy and science fiction, is heavily influenced by Lovecraftian themes).


  • I think the only thing it has in common with Daz Dog8 is the number of legs.  It depends on what you count as legs I guess :P

    It's... different, I'll give you that.  I'll probably end up buying it before the end of the day, just because somewhere along the line I always find a use for stuff like that.  Frankie Pig may need a pet ;)

  • Love that Cephalovore; reminds me off the good old Intellect Devourer from AD&D.

  • Oso3DOso3D Posts: 13,675

    Diogenese: I really prefer to work with established figures rather than make original figures. For one thing, there's a bunch of steps you can skip (rigging, basic weightmapping, UV unwrapping, good mesh flow, etc).

    For another, having an existing figure means you potentially have poses and props to use. Now, granted, they'll require a bit of work, but it's better than not having anything to start with.

    For (most) quadrupeds, well, dog 8 seems to be the most modern option people are likely to have. I've thought about using Daz Horse 2 as a base, but it's a little older and I worry whether people have it. Still... I probably will use it at some point when it seems a closer match.


  • Giving that thing a dog's personality with poses could be pretty funny.  Maybe the Cthulhu family pet... Poppa Cthulhu comes home from a hard day destroying the cosmos and finds little Ceph has chewed up his slippers again...

  • CerragCerrag Posts: 105

    How disgustingly cool!  I love it!  laugh

  • wsterdanwsterdan Posts: 1,326

    I got mine, very well done!

    -- Walt Sterdan

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