Genesis 3


After using V4 and Daz 3 for years I have now upgraded to 4.9 with view to using Genesis 3.  However, having installed 4.9 I cannot find Genesis 3.  My understanding G3 is default with 4.9?  Is this correct?  If so where do I find the figure?

Would appreciate some help here.



  • As a note I have installed the G3 Starter Essentials.

  • Where are you looking, and how did you install?

  • I downloaded from the Daz website and installed via IM.

    I am looking in:

    Daz Studio Formats - My Daz 3d Library - People

  • Looking into this a little more the newly installed Daz 4.9 shows all of my people and props that I owed and used in Daz 3.  But none of the content that is free as part of the 4.9 pack.  Could it be that Daz 4.9 is looking in the wrong place for content?  

  • Unless you have chnaged the isntall location for DIM (you can check by finding the item in the Installed tab of DIM, right-clicking, and selecting View Installed Files - the path used will be at the top).

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