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FaceShop for Photoshop

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sku: 5268


This new product works exclusively with Photoshop (older version, Elements and the new CS3). FaceShop PS Plug-in can be used to alter angles of people’s faces in photographs. It is easy to use and does not require a long learning curve. This application may appeal to both graphic artists and amateurs who need to alter photographic images.

FaceShop lets you rotate any face in Photoshop in real 3D!

Works with recent Photoshop editions, Elements or the new CS3. FaceShop is two plug-ins in one box: FS2 works with all recent Photoshop editions in 2D. Select face that you want to transform, go to the two-step process as shown above, rotate and paste the finished face on a new Photoshop layer. Easy. FS3, also included, works with the new 3D layer of Photoshop CS3. If you work with CS3, you can directly paste a real 3D head with texture maps into Photoshop’s 3D layer - rotate live in Photoshop until you commit to convert the face into a 2D element.

FaceShop - your next Photoshop plug-in

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software No
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Import any JPEG, TIF, GIF, BMP or PCX image
  • Create or use 3D templates
  • Choose between included templates (Victoria4 or Michael3)
  • Import any other figure you already own
  • Works with a single photograph
  • Intuitive on-screen prompter shows you the points to select
  • Automatically changes the position of the 3D template to coincide with your photo
  • Changes shape and proportion of your mesh to those found in your photograph
  • Applies high-resolution texture map to new shape
  • Choose between line art and photo type of preview
  • Unique "mirror" feature let's you mirror one side of the face to the other (in case the other side is either obscured, in shadow or similar).
  • Plus, all the following:
    • Make corrections if needed
    • Draw a few lines, such as eye and mouth to establish the proportions of your model.
    • Intuitive on-screen prompter shows you what and where to draw.
    • Program let's you choose different pen sizes to better follow features.
    • To better see features, FaceShop lets you choose between line art and photo type of preview.
    • With its unique "mirror" feature you can mirror one side of the face to the other (in case the other side is either obscured, in shadow or similar).
    • If you need to adjust shapes, "Back" button lets you make corrections.
    • Save or Export your 3D head
    • Project can be saved for later work
    • Export project as an OBJ with complete texture map included

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