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Facades #4

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Building a detailed, high resolution street scene just got easier with the Facades #4 Commercial Pack.
This pack from the Facades product line provides you with some very nice exterior building modules that puts you right down on the street. No more need to be zoomed out and far away. The Commercial Pack features 4 standard facades and enough additional figures such as street and building lamps, divider columns, corner modules and street ground plane, to get you started with a nice scene. You can further enhance the collection with additional Facades Packs to make even more cluttered and interesting scenes. So if you have a lot of scene building content already, the Facades Packs are just what you need to make a more powerful statement!

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Facade style 1
    • Alcove doorway
    • Posable doors
    • Posable lights
    • Wall light panels
    • Tinted windows
    • First and second floor, sidewalk can be hidden
  • Facade style 2
    • Arched alcove doorway
    • Posable doors
    • Upper floor with posable doors and landing ramp with 3 segments
    • First and second floor, sidewalk can be hidden
  • Facade style 3
    • Large, circular bubble windows with tinted glass
    • Ambient lit light panels
    • Exposed pipes and posable grate
    • First and second floor, sidewalk can be hidden
  • Generic Facade (available in all packs)
    • Blank walls for mounting other figures to
    • Serves as a divider wall for long street-scapes
    • First and second floor, sidewalk can be hidden
  • 3rd Story wall panel to increase height of your building.
    • Full width
    • Half width
    • Imports at 3rd story level/height
  • Building mounted lamp
    • Posable lamp heads
    • Ambient glass cover
    • Ambient lit bulbs
  • Street mounted lamp
    • 2 posable lamp heads
    • Posable trash basket that can be hidden
    • Ambient glass cover and ambient lit bulbs
  • Divider Column style
    • 3 with exhaust ports
    • Ambient lit light panels
    • First and second floor, sidewalk can be hidden
  • Divider Column style 7
    • Blank walls so you can attach lights, signs and more
    • First and second floor, sidewalk can be hidden
  • (4) Corner modules so you can turn an inside and outside corner angle
  • Large ground plane with high-res asphalt texture
  • Null Base figure to attach other figures and elements to. This allows you to easily parent elements and save to the library for future use.
  • Included assemblies
    • Pre-assembly 1, "Commercial Alley"
      • This is a small alley/alcove street section
      • All figures pre-parented
    • Pre-assembly 2
      • 3 ground planes parented together for a long ground plane
    • Pre-assembly 3
      • 3 facades, a combination of style 1 and style 3 facades and a street lamp
    • Pre-assembly 4
      • 3 facades, a combination of style 2 and generic facade and a street lamp
  • High resolution texture maps featuring a "Worn Metal" theme for all elements in the pack. Other texture themes available, separately.
  • Detailed readme file
Resource Files

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