What is DAZ?

What is DAZ?

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Welcome to Digital Art Zone


We're all about helping others create better art and animation faster through the power of 3D. This ranges from book illustrations or humorous videos to scrap-booking or web graphics; or virtually any creative project you would like to do. With the help of DAZ products, you are the creative director. You have total control over exactly how your illustrations and animations will be created.

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Watch This: Digital art and animation made easy! No matter what your background or experience level, YOU can create better graphics faster using DAZ products.

Be Your Own Creative Director

Think of yourself as a director making a movie, or a photographer setting up a photo-shoot. You simply open DAZ Studio, choose your actor(s), pick a set, adjust the lighting, pick costumes and props from an unlimited wardrobe, and then snap the picture or record the action. It's that simple.

Pick from thousands of ready to use models

DAZ specializes in providing the best catalog of pre-made digital assets that you can use to create professional graphics and animations. This catalog includes virtually anything you can imagine, from people, clothing, hair, and accessories, to buildings, landscapes, vehicles, animals, aliens, and more. You can combine these various items together however you like to create your own unique characters and environments for whatever story you want to tell.

Get Started Today!

What are you waiting for? Download the sample products and start experimenting. With your imagination and our tools, the possibilities are endless.

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} Why use DAZ?

Why Use 3D?

Save time and money

Using pre-made computer generated 3D models can not only save you time, but also allow you to achieve images and movies that would otherwise be very difficult or even impossible to accomplish. By using 3D models, you are able to finish your projects ahead of schedule with better results.

DAZ Figures - Hiro, the Girl, the Freak, Aiko, and Reby Sky
DAZ Studio 4 - Wild Woman
Art and animation made simple

Anytime you add a 3D element to your project, you have complete creative control. You can scale or rotate it freely, quickly customize it, paint on top of it, access unlimited instances or variations of it, and make it do almost anything you want it to.


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