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Walk Designer for Mike 3

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Nerd 3D has created 11 walk cycles or 'Blends' specifically for Mike 3. With the special modifications this package makes to your standard Walk Designer installation, you will be able to create amazing walk cycles for your favorite male character!

Walk Designer for M3 fully supports the Walk Path Tool in Poser 5! This makes creating animations even easier! Now Poser 5 users can create a variety of walk animations using the power built into Poser.

Michael's 11 walk cycles can be blended to create an infinite combination of unique walk cycles for him. 11 Walk Style Presets (PWK files) are included. They are just the beginning of the possible combinations.

The Walk Designer for M3 changes the way walk designer works. There is no longer a default walk cycle. This allows much greater flexibility in the application of walk blends. You can go from a sleepy 'Slipper' shuffle to a wild 'Freakish' stomp. That's right this works with the Freak too!

Additional Information
This product does not work in DAZ Studio
Compatible 3D Figures Michael 3
Compatible 3D Software Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 11 New Blends for Mike 3
    • Cowboy: A Cocky Strut
    • Duke: John Wayne Inspired
    • Freakish: Stomping Monster
    • Girlie Man: Feminine Walk for Mike
    • Gollum: Inspired by the Character
    • Goose: The March of Tyrants
    • Hero: For the Super Heros
    • Jog: A slow jog for Mile
    • Little Tramp: For Charlie Chaplin
    • Slipper: Wake Up Mike
    • Walk: A Standard Walk for Mike
  • 11 PWK Presets
    • Little Freak
    • Freak Stomp
    • Hulkster
    • Less Freaky
    • Drag Duke
    • More than Hero
    • No Name
    • QuasiTramp
    • Sleepy Cowboy
    • Tuco
    • Very Creepy
  • Animated poses work with Studio
  • The Walk Designer Mod
    • Removes default walk
    • Default walk becomes a blend
    • Allows more precise control
    • 3rd party figures work better
  • Instructions and FAQ

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