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XfrogPlants Billboards: Basic

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sku: 4373



This product features 60 billboard props of Basic trees, coming from the much popular and praised XfrogPlants Basic library.

The props are in Poser 4 PP2 format and can be used in Poser 4, Poser Pro Pack, Poser 5, Poser 6 and above*. Or you can export them from Poser and use them in other 3D software such as Vue, Carrara, Mojoworld, Bryce etc.

Each panel is made with a professionally rendered image, 800x800 pixel size, applied to 1-polygon panels, all pre-set, so you can use them right away and abundantly to populate your scenes and ecosystems.

List of included species (3 billboards per species):

BL01 Horse Chestnut ( Aesculus hippocastanum )
BL02 Sweet Birch ( Betula lenta )
BL03 Grey Birch ( Betula populifolia )
BL04 Pecan ( Carya illinoiensis )
BL05 Shagbark Hickory ( Carya ovata )
BL06 Lawson's Falscecypress ( Chamaecyparis lawsoniana )
BL07 European Beech ( Fagus sylvatica )
BL08 Southern Magnolia ( Magnolia grandiflora )
BL09 Norway Spruce ( Picea abies )
BL10 Colorado Spruce ( Picea pungens )
BL11 Mugo Pine ( Pinus mugo )
BL12 Austrian Black Pine ( Pinus nigra )
BL13 London Planetree ( Platanus x acerifolia )
BL14 Lombardy Poplar ( Populus nigra var. Italica )
BL15 Weeping Willow ( Salix babylonica )
BL16 Sassafras ( Sassafras albidum )
BL17 European Mountain Ash ( Sorbus aucuparia )
BL18 English Yew ( Taxus baccata )
BL19 Western Red Cedar ( Thuja plicata )
BL20 Littleleaf Linden ( Tilia cordata )
(*= Poser, Vue, Carrara, Mojoworld, Bryce are trademarks of respective owners)

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 60 billboard props

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