ILF Lemonade Stand

ILF Lemonade Stand

  • $9.95
    • $9.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
  • Details

    I Love Fruit Franchises Available in Your Area!

    This sweet little play set features a lemon shaped drink stand serving ice cold Lemonade. This set is all about the sunny lemon. You get everything you need to set up shop and dispense refreshing virtual beverages. Plus you get lots of lemons!

    It works great in toon-styled scenes and can also be used in realistic settings as a themed concession stand or building. This original play set was made to be fun to pose and easy to render. There are lots of things to do, and stories to tell, so have fun!

    What's Included and Features

    • 3 Toon Inspired Figures (PZ2 and OBJ):
      • Lemonade Stand (With Poseable Stem)
      • Morphing Pitcher
      • Morphing Lemonade Glass
    • 14 Props (PP2 and OBJ):
      • Chalkboard
      • Jar Lid
      • Jar
      • Juicer
      • Sandwich Board
      • Stool
      • Umbrella Table
      • Wooden Spoon
      • 6 Variety of Lemons and Lemon Pieces
    • 34 Material Settings(MC6 and DS):
      • Stand Default
      • 16 Jars
      • 7 Jar Lids
      • 2 Signs
      • 3 Stools
      • 5 Umbrellas
    • 48 Original Textures:
      • Chalkboard Texture (512x512)
      • Chrome Texture (400x400)
      • Lemon Rind Texture (512x512)
      • Ice Texture (200x200)
      • 16 Jar Texture (512x512)
      • 7 Jar Lid Textures (512x512)
      • 3 Lemon Leaf Textures (1000x500)
      • 2 Lemon Skin Textures (2048x2048)
      • Small Lemon Stem Textures (286x304)
      • Large Lemon Stem Textures (1024x1024)
      • Lemon Skin Textures (1024x1024)
      • 5 Lemon Umbrella Textures (1000x1000)
      • Table Top Texture (1024x1024)
      • 2 Window Frame Textures (1024x1024)
      • 2 Sign Textures (615x725)
      • 2 Wood Textures (223x223)
      • Wood Floor Texture (1000x600)
    • DAZ Studio Material Presets (DS)
    • P6+ Material Poses (MC6)


    This product has a full installer, plus an installer with DAZ Studio Optimized Materials.

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