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Monstera Obliqua - Jungle Plants for Vue

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This pretty little epiphitic and climbing jungle vine is the baby cousin to the larger leaved Swiss cheese plant (monstera deliciosa). Its glossy green foliage will add a tropical touch to any scene in vue, whilst not being quite as over bearing as some of its larger cousins.

The bundle contains four versions of this great Solid Growth plant for Vue 7 and up which cover all aspects of its growth habit and can be combined in many different combinations to simulate larger plants, vine curtains, and pretty much any effect you would see in its natural habitat. It also makes a great virtual house plant too!

If you like this SolidGrowth plant then check out the others in this series.

Additional Information
Notes This product requires Vue d esprit 7 or up.
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Vue
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Four SolidGrowth Plants for Vue 7 and up.
    • Monstera Obliqua Clump - a small clump of foliage from a central crown, perfect for individual placement or use in ecosystems or eco painting.
    • Monstera Obliqua Horizontal stem - A horizontal stem with foliage that can be placed to hug the ground or other objects, perfect to use in combination with the other growth habits to simulate the plant growing over rocks or along tree branches.
    • Monstera Obliqua Vertical Stem - a vertical stem with foliage, use it on its own or stack different instances on top of one another r to climb the sides of buildings, or from a branch to the ground.
    • Monstera Obliqua Hanging Stem - this loads below the ground and is intended to be moved on to higher objects so that its stems and elegant foliage hang down. Use in conjunction with the vertical and horizontal plants to create vine curtains and many other great natural effects.
  • SolidGrowth plants produce unique instances of the species every time they are generated.
  • Materials created using high resolution photographs and vues powerful materials and function editing capability's to produce hyper real plants.
  • Botanically accurate representations of the species.

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