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Chaotic Realms

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sku: 11792


Step into Realms long forgotten, where dragons swept through skies, and mermaids swam in seas
into times long passed, when great Pharaohs ruled Egypt, and Greek Gods reigned supreme
Travel to Desert Wastelands, Jungle Hideaways, Tropical Paradises, Snowy Landscapes and more!

Chaotic Realms is a massive set containing forty backgrounds, which feature MANY different environments
Fantasy, Funerary, Science Fiction, Historical - Whatever flavor you fancy, there's bound to be a perfect one for you

Also included are forty Lights for Poser, which match each background according to color and light source. All of the lights have Ambient Occlusion and soft shadows enabled, for a touch of realism. The matching lights for the backgrounds that feature water, also have gels applied to create caustics
Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Chaotic Realms Backgrounds (.JPG)
    • Apocalyptic Sun (2000x1500)
    • At The Forest's Edge (1500x2000)
    • Athenian Temple (1500x2000)
    • Badlands (1500x1937)
    • Bordering on Insanity (2000x1500)
    • Castle Doom (1098x1464)
    • Castle in the Clouds (1500x2000)
    • Crystal Castle (1200x1600)
    • Crystalline (1500x2000)
    • Dark Apocalypse (1500x1937)
    • Desert of the Scorpion (1500x1937)
    • Dragon's Conquest (2000x1500)
    • Fallout (2000x1500)
    • Forgotten Island (1000x1500)
    • Frayed Ends Of Sanity (1200x1600)
    • Garden Of Hesperides (1500x2000)
    • Haunted (1000x1500)
    • Hell's Gate (2000x1500)
    • House of the Dead (2000x1250)
    • Jungle Hideaway (2000x1500)
    • Jungle Ruins (1200x1550)
    • Last Snow (1600x1200)
    • London Fog (2000x1500)
    • Lothlorien (1600x1200)
    • Mist of Xarthania (1600x1200)
    • Moon over the Glades (1500x1200)
    • Mount Olympus (1500x2000)
    • Oasis Mirage (1600x1200)
    • Paradise Lost (1600x1200)
    • Peruvian Gold (1600x1200)
    • Phantoms (2000x1500)
    • Proof Of Existence (2000x1500)
    • Red Sun (1500x1937)
    • Saturn Returns (1600x1200)
    • Sunken Ruins (1600x1000)
    • Temple of the Sun (1600x1000)
    • The Bone Throne (1498x1936)
    • The Clock Tower (1098x1465)
    • The Cursed (2000x1500)
    • Wasteland (2000x1500)
  • 40 Matching Lights (.LT2)
    • Lights have Ambient Occlusion and Raytraced Soft Shadows
    • Lights that match backgrounds with water have gels to create caustics
    • All Lights are labelled to match Backgrounds
    • Lights will work in DS without intensity needing adjusted - but shadows, AO and caustics will not translate

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