Medieval Tavern

Medieval Tavern

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    • $39.95
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    DAZ Studio, Poser
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    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
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    Whether you're doing a medieval, fantasy, musketeer or even just a rural scene, this is the set you need. In this package you will find a complete medieval tavern that includes over a hundred high quality props. With the richness of this set you'll find almost limitless uses for your favorite renders.

    What's Included and Features

    • Tavern Building made up of 23 parts, which can be moved and/or turned on and off for faster rendering and easier camera positioning, including:
      • Two regular doors with working latches
      • A dutch door, with working latches both for top and bottom halves
      • Two movable fireplaces
      • A movable bar
      • A mezzanine with a set of stairs
      • A separate kitchen area
      • The tavern building is textured using tiling textures, allowing extreme close-ups without quality loss.
    • 138 detailed props, including:
      • For the fireplaces:
        • An andiron
        • Bellows
        • Two different hanging cauldrons, both for the kitchen and the common room
        • A separate cauldron
        • Three different types of fires for both the kitchen and the common room (high flame, medium flame and embers)
        • A half consumed log, to customize the ready made fires
        • A fire fork and poker
        • A stack of fire wood
        • A cooking pan, cooking pot, cooking tripod, and dutch-oven style pot
        • A spit with roasting chickens
      • For the kitchen:
        • Two different large ceramic bowls
        • Two different wooden buckets
        • A clay bowl, goblet, plate and tankard
        • A cleaver, knife, fork, and flesh hook
        • A ladle, slotted spoon and wooden spoon
        • Six different types of jars, with and without lids
        • A mortar and pestle
        • A wooden trencher
        • A set of shelves, fully loaded with kitchen props
        • Metal hooks, used as a flesher, loaded with various meats
      • For the bar:
        • Two barrels, closed and open
        • Two barrel racks, loaded with barrels
        • A small barrel on its stand
        • A table made of planks and empty barrels
        • Eleven different types of bottles, full, empty or in between, including a chianti-style bottle and a ceramic jug
        • Five different types of pitchers
        • Nine different types of tankards (ceramic, wood, tin, silver, leather...)
        • Two types of silver goblets
        • A set of shelves loaded with numerous different tankards
        • A set of shelves loaded with numerous different bottles
      • Furniture:
        • Five different types of benches
        • Five different types of stools
        • Six different types of tables
        • Three types of shelves
        • A chair
        • Metal hooks
      • For decoration:
        • Two sets of antlers, big and small
        • Three coat-of-arms (Tavern sign, crossed swords, crossed axes)
        • A bear fur (with transmapped edges)
      • Food:
        • Two open burlap bags (flour and grain)
        • Bayleaves and herbs
        • Hanging birds
        • Two bowls full of different foods
        • Two different loaves of bread
        • A ham and a roasted chicken
        • A hanging bunch of onions
        • Two types of saussages
      • For lighting:
        • Three types of candles
        • Hornlights (sort of tea lights made of a sliced horn filled with oil)
        • Metal and wood standing candelabras
        • Metal and wood sconces
        • Metal and wood hanging-wheel candelabras (pre-positionned for the common room and the kitchen)
        • Hanging oil lamp
        • Torch-like oil sconce
        • Both MAT files (P4-PP) and mc6 files (P5-P6) to turn on and off every lighting props
    • Presets:
      • Scenes (all scenes in 3 formats P4, PP and P6):
        • Three fully assembled scenes: bar, kitchen and common room
        • Two ready loaded shelves
        • Seven pre-assembled tables, plus a pre-assembled kitchen table
      • Lights (both in P4 and P6 formats):
        • Three complete light sets matching the preset scenes (numerous individual lights in each set)
      • Cameras:
        • Three presets for the bar scene
        • Five presets for the common room scene
        • Three presets for the kitchen scene



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