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Dystopian Drone Trooper Essentials

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Recognizing that conflict would forever be a part of survival, Drone Trooper units were produced in vast quantities. While primarily ground based, the need for limited aerial capability was quickly addressed with the release of the 'jump pack'. It locks on with the standard Y-H brace to the back of the trooper, the onboard navigational computer interfaces with the trooper's motion control system and allows full integration.This pack also includes several original 'Moebius arms' weapons

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Drone trooper conforming Jump Pack
    • For brief Drone trooper excursions
    • Moveable side flaps
  • 'Moebius Arms(the originals)'
    • H.P.M.R.L Rocket Launcher (Hand Portable Multiple Rocket Launcher)
      • Presented fully loaded with 5 missiles
      • Each missile has a morph for extending the fins once launcher ejection is complete
      • A rotating firing grip that can be secured behind a sliding cover
      • One end cover for loading missiles or as a buffer in firing
      • A second end cover as a cover for the Missile tubes.
      • H.P.M.R.L Rocket, A stand alone version of the rockets housed in the launcher
    • CISW-Growler, The ultimate weapon for your Drone troopers
      • Moveable arrays
      • Rotating mount
      • Adjustable grip
      • Support tripod for this massive weapon
      • Includes version to smart prop to Drone Trooper
    • CQW Kurgen.(Close quarters weapon)
      • Rotating power cell
      • Working trigger
      • Includes version to smart prop to Drone Trooper
    • 'Desert Sands' MAT_Poses
      • High res 'Olive Drab' textures for teh Jump Pack
      • High res 'Desert Sands' textures for the Jump Pack
      • Bonus 'Desert sands' texture for the 'Backpack' sold in 'Dystopian Drone Trooper basics'
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