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Desert Scene Construction Kit

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Whether you want to create a desert scene in ancient Egypt or modern Morocco; Judea, Persia, Mesopotamia, or Mexico; a graben village of Arrakis, or the Drytowns of Darkover; the Desert Scene Construction Kit gives you tools to realize your vision.

Scaled to match imported DAZ|Studio or Poser figures, these high resolution crags and mesas are really mountain-sized, thousands of feet across and hundreds to thousands of feet high, so get ready to think on a new scale. They've been sculpted for that 'carved by Mother Nature' look to bring maximum realism to your scenes. In addition, the six sets of matched materials provide for a wide range of desertscape possibilities.

There's a castle on a crag and six adobe buildings - also based on sculpted Bryce terrains. Insert a few of these adobe structures into your scene, add some trees in their courtyards, and a few street surfaces between them and you've got an authentic looking village that will fit equally well beside the walls of an Egyptian temple, a Babylonian ziggurat, a Moroccan palace, or nestled in the hills of ancient Canaan.

There's also a set of 25 tiled sand-dune terrains created at high resolution to give maximum patterning to the dunes, then saved at low resolution to minimize memory usage. The full dune-field is vast - 15,000 Bryce units square - and will provide a sea of dunes reaching far into the distance. The view can be changed quickly with a simple rotation of the dune field. (Tips for use are included in the Readme file.)

Note: Terrains can also be exported from Bryce to be used in other programs.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Bryce
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 12 Crag Terrains
  • 5 Mesa Terrains
  • Natural Bridge Terrain
  • 6 Terrain-based adobe buildings with their own weather-stained materials
  • Castle on Crag with sculpted and texture-mapped roadway
  • Tiled Terrains Sand Dune Unit (about 3 scale miles square)
  • 6 Desert Material sets, each with a material for:
    • Crags and Mesas
    • Tiled Dunes
    • Ground Plane
    • Desert Castle
    • Castle Crag
  • 12 Desert Trees
  • 9 Detailing Props
    • Balcony
    • Roof Awning
    • Window Awning
    • 2 Rutted and Tracked Streets
    • Stair
    • Ladder
    • Planter with Soil
    • Wood Bench
  • 5 Desert Skies (.bsk)

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