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Cavern of Secrets

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A rough old chamber, built into a small cave long ago, for purposes now forgotten. If these worn old stones could talk, they could tell many stores. But they remain silent, for this is the Cavern of Secrets.

The Cavern of Secrets is the perfect place for scenes of intrigue or magic. Use the simple stone furnishings to create a secret room where plots are plotted or where pirates stash their loot. Take out the furnishings and turn it into a dungeon. Add some special effects with the effects props provided, and turn it into a sorcerer's chamber where ghosts and visions appear and a mystic eye peers out from another world. It also makes a very nice den for your favorite dragon. You can also turn the top invisible and use it as a rough outdoor courtyard-- or take out the flooring and use it as a stone pit.

MAT files in the PP version are set up to work in Poser 5 and 6.

Note: The figures and clothing, as well as props not mentioned in the features list below, are not included.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Two Basic Setups with Null Figure to Enable MAT Pose Files (See Popup 1).
  • Null Figure (for Assembling Your Own Configuration)
  • Six Regular Props (All with Texture and Bump Maps, and Some with Tranparency Maps):
    • Cavern Prop, with Morphs to Adjust Its Shape and 13 MAT Files to Turn Sections Visible or Invisible; Has Hole in Ceiling to Admit Beam of Sunlight or Moonlight (See Popup 5)
    • Stone Floor Prop
    • Stone Firepit (See Popup 1, Top Section)
    • Stone Bench
    • Stone Magician's Table, with Transparent Top Layer and 2 MAT Files to Apply Glowing Designs (See Popup 2)
    • Stone Firebowl, with Transparent Outer Layer and 2 MAT Files to Apply Glowing Effects (See Main Image and Popup 2)
  • Fire Set Consisting of Four Props, the Firebed and Three Fire Props
    • The Three Fire Props Can Be Individually Rotated and/or Resized for Animation
    • Six MAT Files to Change Fire Color and One to Turn It Invisible
  • Effects Props
    • Flat Panel Prop, with 8 MAT Files for Various Effects (See Popup 3; Not All Effects Are Shown):
    • Smoke Prop, with Six MAT Files to Change Smoke Color
    • Sparks Prop for the Fire
    • Ring Prop, with Four MAT Files (See Popup 4)
    • Nested Ring Prop, with Three MAT Files (See Popup 4)
    • Ball Prop, with Two MAT Files (See Popup 4)
  • One Light Set, Consisting of:
    • Three Main (Infinite) Lights (Set to Zero Intensity by Default, but Can Be Adjusted by User if Desired)
    • Eleven Spotlights for the Fire, Parented to the Firebed to Move with the Fire
    • Four 'Room' Lights for Reflected Firelight, Parented to the Cavern
    • Six MAT Files to Change Color of All Spotlights
    • Three MAT Files to Change Intensity of Fire Spotlights and One to Turn Them Off
    • Four MAT Files to Change Intensity of 'Room' Spotlights and One to Turn Them Off
    • Two Separate Light Sets Included, One for Poser 4 and one for Poser 5 and Above.

    Note: This product is optimized for Poser. DAZ|Studio users may need to adjust some surface settings for best results.
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