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Carrara CloudDomes

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sku: 11199



Have you ever wished that Carrara came with a set of Cloud Presets that you can use in your own scenes? That is where this set comes in - simply drop one of the Carrara CloudDomes into your scene and render!

Carrara CloudDomes allow you to create a whole range of interesting, dramatic and realistic skies and work really well with Carrara’s Realistic Sky (including Tim Payne's Realistic Sky presets which are recommended but not required) to give an enormous range of rich and varied skies.

Need more variation? Simply change the direction of the sunlight, or rotate the 360 degree CloudDomes to bring different cloud formations into view.

All cloud domes are around 100 miles across and typically 10,000 feet high to give accurate perspective from the zenith to the horizon. From fluffy white cumulus clouds to dramatic stormclouds and sunsets, this pack gives you a huge range of realistic cloud effects and moods, simply and easily. Works in all versions from Carrara 6 onwards, and also looks great with Godrays enabled in Carrara 8. You can even fly through them if required!

Add some drama to your skies - with Carrara CloudDomes, a must-have for all Carrara users!

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Carrara
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 12 varied and realistic Cloud presets for Carrara:
    • 01-Horizon - A few scattered clouds around the horizon with clear sky overhead
    • 02-Distant - Thicker & denser clouds in the distance, still clear overhead
    • 03-Sparse - A few scattered fluffy clouds across the whole sky
    • 04-Light - Light scattering of fluffy clouds - more than 'Sparse'
    • 05-Front - Heavy cloud on one side - clear sky on the other! Useful for placing a bank of cloud where you need it.
    • 06-Fluffy - Thicker clouds with a fluffy appearance, around 50% cover
    • 07-Broken - Large clouds that tend to cluster, leading to interesting cloud formations and broken areas of sky
    • 08-Cumulus - Classic white fluffy clouds!
    • 09-BigCumulus - Large and dramatic cumulus clouds - maybe there's rain coming!
    • 10-HighCover - Glimpses of blue sky between heavy and stormy clouds
    • 11-Summer - Two layers of clouds but still open skies for a perfect summer's day feel
    • 12-Winter - Two layers with denser clouds, more cover for a threatening sky

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