Bryce 7.1 Pro - Islands 2 including Skydomes

Bryce 7.1 Pro - Islands 2 including Skydomes

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    • $34.95
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    Taking an island theme and linking it with a series of video tutorials (also included), this product offers a comprehensive guide to 3D lighting, SFX and crafting, applying material to and finally storing all the components of your Bryce 3D landscapes - all in one self-contained kit.

    Specially developed for this product (and supplied with it), along with their own video tutorial, are 12 skydomes HDRI made by Horo. These skydomes offer yet another strategy for making use of Bryce's powerful IBL feature in a way that is not only highly flexible, but also offers a high level of realism for relatively low render times (test show up to 10x faster than the most efficient premium effect equivalent).

    If you are not sure this product is of interest to you, I have made the Bryce Landscaping video tutorials available on my Youtube channel. There you will also find many other tutorials relating to Bryce topics that you might find helpful. And for even more Bryce Tutorials look no further than these written and video tutorials.

    Here are the links to a couple of the Bryce Landscape related tutorials to get you started:

    Bryce Landscaping - The importance of lighting - by David Brinnen Bryce Landscaping - Geocrafting guide - by David Brinnen

    When you see how helpful these tutorials are, you'll understand how much this product can help you. Pick up Bryce 7.1 Pro - Islands 2 including Skydomes and start making beautiful art today.

    What's Included and Features

    • 22 Scene files: (.BR7 and .BMP)
      • 20 Island Scenes
      • 2 Effects Scenes
    • 10 Videos: (.MP4)
      • 4 Lighting Landscapes Videos
      • 1 Geocrafting Video
      • 1 Making Materials for Landscapes Video
      • 1 Managing Content in Libraries Video
      • 1 Curvature Fix Video
      • 1 Skydome Video
      • 1 Using a Photograph to make a Skydome Video
    • 2 Documents: (.PDF)
      • Sky Lab Settings when Exchanging an HDRI
      • Bryce Content FAQ
    • 12 HDRI Skydomes:
      • Illhorn_SD (.HDR and .MOV and .TXT)
      • Illhorn_SD_1024 (.HDR)
      • Illhorn_SD_2560 (.HDR)
      • LekRoof_SD (.HDR and .MOV and .TXT)
      • LekRoof_SC_1024 (.HDR)
      • LekRoof_SC_2560 (.HDR)
      • Simplon_SD (.MOV and .TXT)
      • Simplon_SD_1024 (.HDR)
      • Simplon_SD_2560 (.HDR)
      • Wasteland2_SD (.MOV and .TXT)
      • Wasteland2_SD_1024 (.HDR)
      • Wasteland2_SD_2560 (.HDR)
      • Wasteland3_SD (.MOV and .TXT)
      • Wasteland3_SD_1024 (.HDR)
      • Wasteland3_SD_2560 (.HDR)


    • This product includes:
      • 2 Bryce Installers

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