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52 BC, Caesar´s Siege Of Alesia

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Are you in possession of historical figures, but lack the appropriate front line? Would you like to create your unique battlefield, maybe even a special share to reconstruct the scene of the story? From now on you have the possibility with this set to represent something unique. These buildings, which you can see here, were created on a 3D model, which are Caesar's legions invaded in Gaul. In 52 B.C., Caesar's legions were ready for the battle to conquer the strongest Gallic fortress, Alesia. In this set, you can recreate the historic siege of Alesia. The whole set was created by the modular principle, whatever, or what objects you want to use every time you have a different scene.

Features include four tents, one tent, sleeping blanket, three unique corners, three unique towers, one unique gate, four gate groups, eight terrains, six unique palisades, two unique destroyed palisades, four palisades under attack, 13 unique spikewalls, three unique frontwalls, two unique destroyed frontwalls, one palisade ladder, two flying arrows, one single arrow, two lights, one light reset, eight cameras, one under attack scene and much more.

Additional Information
  • This product includes:
    • 1 Poser Core Installer
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 52 BC, Caesar´S Siege Of Alesia (.PP2 And .OBJ)
    • 4 Tents
    • 1 Tent, Sleeping Blanket
    • 3 Unique Corner - Palisades
    • 3 Unique Towers (1X Battle Tower - 3 Floors High, 1 Palisade Tower - 2 Floors High, 1 Patrol Tower - 1 Floor High)
    • 1 Unique Gate (Doors Open / Close)
    • 4 Gate Groups (Gate With Battle Towers, Palisade Towers, Patrol Towers And Gate With Towers Under Heavy Attack)
    • 8 Terrains
    • 6 Unique Palisades (1 Floor High)
    • 2 Unique Destroyed Palisades (1 Floor High)
    • 4 Palisades Under Attack (1 Floor High)
    • 13 Unique Spikewalls (For Terrain)
    • 3 Unique Frontwalls (For Running Digs In Frontline)
    • 2 Unique Destroyed Frontwalls (For Running Digs In Frontline)
    • 1 Palisade Ladder (1 Floor High)
    • 2 'Many' Flying Arrows
    • 2 'Many' Arrows To Set 'Shot On Palisades'
    • 1 Single Arrow
    • 2 Lights
    • 1 Light Reset
    • 8 Cameras For Scene 'Palisades Under Attack'
    • 1 Scene 'Palisades Under Attack'
    • 2 Scene '!Simply Placed'
    • The Whole Set Was Created By The Modular Principle, You Can Put Whatever You Want, It Always Comes Out Something Else.
  • Textures Include:
    • 53 Texture Bump and Transparent Maps (183 x 275 to 3000 x 3000)
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