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Pipe and Tunnel Set

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sku: 5751



The Pipe Set is a collection of 12 modular sets and 37 Props. You can assemble a complex maze or use a single piece as a backdrop. The modular sets are presented as figures. You can hide individual pieces or replace them with props to custom sets. Empty tunnels are also included so your own imagination is the limit of what the world below might contain. Three complete light sets are also included (Lights require Poser 6 or newer). The set pieces are divided to allow easy camera access.

You can place the set pieces end to end to create a long tube or use the branch and elbow pieces to create a maze. The 'End' pieces are the perfect place to corner a bad guy. The cap of the end pieces can be separately hidden for camera access.

Additional Information
Notes Please note that the Lights in this set require Poser to work.
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 12 Pre built Modular Sets
    • East and West Main (Ladder access point)
    • East and West Straight
    • East and West Branch
    • Inside and Outside Left Elbow
    • Inside and Outside Right Elbow
    • North and South Dead End
  • 37 Props
    • Conduit Clamp
    • Conduit Collar
    • Conduit Ell Left
    • Conduit Ell Right
    • Conduit Nipp
    • Conduit Tee
    • Light Fixture
    • Light Glow Ball
    • Pipe Big Ell
    • Pipe Big Extra Bolts
    • Pipe Big Nipp
    • Pipe Big Stand
    • Pipe Big Tee
    • Pipe Big Valve (Figure)
    • Pipe Med Ell
    • Pipe Med Nipp
    • Pipe Med Strap 1
    • Pipe Med Strap 2
    • Pipe Med Tee
    • Pipe Med Valve (Figure)
    • Pipe Small Collar
    • Pipe Small Ell
    • Pipe Small Nipp
    • Pipe Small Tee
    • Pipe Sml Strap 1
    • Pipe Sml Strap 4
    • Pipe Small valve
    • Tube East Branch
    • Tube East Main
    • Tube East Straight
    • Tube Left Ell In
    • Tube Left Ell Out
    • Tube Right Ell In
    • Tube Right Ell Out
    • Tube West Branch
    • Tube West Main
    • Tube West Straight
  • Three Point Light Sets for each of the six lighted sections (Poser 6 and up)
    • Bright
    • Dim
    • Glow
  • Three Complete texture sets
    • Plain (No maps)
    • Zinc Galvanized Pipes w/ Brick Tunnels
    • Rusted Pipes w/ Brick Tunnels
    • Provided as MC6 and MAT-Pose
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