Environment Creator Deluxe Version 1

Environment Creator Deluxe Version 1

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    • $29.95
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    These Python programs, bundled together in the DeLuxe package, are the last word in tools for Poser.

    Not only can you manage ANY complex lighting set with The LightWorkShop- be it radiosity, spotlights or just a lot of lights that would otherwise be impossible to manage comfortably; now you can control them with as much detail as you want. Rework your old sets with The LightWorksShop's Analyser Tool and make them as versatile as new sets created with the Environment Creator (also part of the DeLuxe package). Not only that, but now you can do these things with constantly updated and meaningful visual feedback.

    These programs truly break new ground. You can see quickly rendered previews of models while you work- up to 350 pixels, with or without shadows. You can Undo or Redo. You can even save your work to memory banks allowing you to constantly reuse work from other totally different light sets (and never go wrong!)

    You can set the Shadow Map size; rotate, color, brighten and/or influence the Shadow strength of the main light, the reflection lights, the sky dome lights or ANY light whatsoever. Do this just to the front, left, right, back, top, down, mid and/or halfway-mids; while with the Creators, you can create simply ANY environment needed (rooms, nature, fire, etc). Start by just twiddling with the knobs, creating a "QUICK" environment style for testing. If you're content, go back later, load the file and then recreate it as "GOOD" or even "BEST". Or stay within the programs all the time, rendering previews as you go. Plus, you can also upload these ".pcb" lightfiles for others to enjoy. Waste no more time, but allow your imagination to go where it wants. These tools will give you the freedom to do just that.

    The highly optimized code works fast, even with 200.000 plus polygon models (!), and is rugged and rock solid to the core. The Environment Creater Deluxe will make your copy of Poser a high-end radiosity rendering application! And with a user-friendliness and speed that is unparalleled!

    Forget the rest, with Poser ProPack and this package of python scripts you won't need anything else f or you lights. Ever!

    What's Included and Features

    • 5 Great, Rock-Solid Python Programs
      • Brighten or Dim!, Change Shadow Strength or Shadow Map, Rotate, Change the Color of Every Light for Warm or Cool
        Either Sun, Sky, or Bounce Lights, ALL At Once, ANY Light You Choose, or Only Front/ Left/ Right/ Back/ Mid/ Half-Mids/ Top/ Down
      • Lights Analyzer
        A Tool That Allows You to Easily Rework Your Other Sets to Get the Sort of Utter Control Over Them the Light Workshop Allows For
      • Create the Sky Environment You Want
        Then a Sun- Which Will Be Placed Automatically Where It Should, Depending on Your Creation
      • Create the Reflection Environment You Need
        Given the Situation In Your Model. Create Any Radiosity Sheen Your Model Asks For.
      • Quick Rotator
        A Rotator Tool with Undo Capability and Great Flexibility, Meant For Just Those Nice Little Twitches You Suddenly Think of, Changes to the Rotation Axes.
      • Create A "QUICK" Environment Style for Testing Purposes
        Which, If You Saved Before Exit, for Instance Under A User Button or as a ".Pcb" File, Can Later Be Retrieved and Changed at the Click of a Button Into More Substantial Styles :
        • "FAST" (Bouncecreator)
        • "GOOD"
        • "BEST"
      • DELETE *All* the Lights
        A Simple But Effective Script: Deletes all Lights No Leftovers
    • 1 "Help-Prop" to Rework Your Old Sets
      More or Less Attached to the Analyzer Tool, Helping You to Quickly Rework Your Old, Beloved Sets with the kind of ulitmate control The Environment Deluxe has in store for you
    • 1 New Radiosity Lightset
      The Perfect Match Between Quality & Speed
    • 1 Detailed Tutorial
      Start Quickly and Make the Most Out of This Wonderful New Tool


    You can send any questions you have directly to Paul Christiaan Bos. Questions get answered within 24 hours - or even quicker

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