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Getting Started

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Everything you need to start creating your own artwork is ready for you to download right here. Pick the version of DAZ Studio that is right for you from the links below. Then, follow our step-by-step videos that show you how to use the 3D figures and 3D accessories as well as provide an overview of how the 3D software works. Be sure to download the resource files for each video and you'll have everything you need to complete the tutorials successfully.


Download DAZ Studio
One size does not fit all. With DAZ Studio, you have three routes to success.

Start with the basics and watch helpful video tutorials as you hone your 3D skills with DAZ Studio. When you're ready, take things up a notch with DAZ Studio 4 Advanced and see what else is waiting for you to experiment with. Already a veteran graphic artist or independent content creator? Wait no longer, DAZ Studio Pro is ready and waiting for you with powerful tools and connectivity with other high-end 3D apps.

  • Perfect for the beginner or anyone that needs high quality graphics on a budget.


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Watch Video Tutorials
Learn the basics of using DAZ Studio with these step by step tutorials.
"Been playing with DAZ Studio 4 and I am happy. I've noticed a speed increase in the rendering and the quality appears better too. I'm thinking this is the version I need."Muon QuarkDAZ Studio 4 user
Video One - Portrait Style Images

Description: Create a portrait style image with this step by step guide.

Video One - Portrait Style Images

Description: Recreate the Dragon Slayer image using DAZ Studio's included assets.


Choose a Starter Bundle
Try different 3D items & create your own original scenes.

After trying out DAZ Studio for yourself, you will want to browse through our giant catalog of 3D characters, 3D clothing, 3D vehicles, 3D environments, 3D accessories, 3D props and more that you can add to your collection for future projects. We have new products being released daily, and every week there is a free product you can receive simply by signing up to our weekly e-newsletter that tells you what's new at We encourage you to come join our active community of users in our discussion forums and image galleries. Whether you have things to share, or simply want to learn from those already using DAZ Studio, the online discussion forums are a great way to see what else is waiting for you.

Perhaps the best way to get started is simply picking a version of DAZ Studio that meets your needs and then selecting a started bundle of 3D models to begin working with.

"I have been using DAZ Studio for 5 years and this is my favorite version."Mr. BowenDAZ Studio 4 user

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