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Omega Huntress X

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  • Badge Daz Original
sku: 4870



X' is the codename for one of the deadliest huntresses currently working for Omega Corporation, an organization dedicated to the study of all night creatures.
She's a merciless avenger who lost all her emotions at the moment she witnessed a vampire kill her family.

Omega Huntress X is a complete clothing set for DAZ's new Victoria 4 figure. It includes eight separate pieces of morphing clothing and eight morphing, conforming props, all fully textured to take advantage of the special shading features of DAZ|Studio and Poser 6/7 (Including pwSurface shaders for DAZ|Studio!).

Luthbel creations, populating your fantasies.

Additional Information
Notes This set only includes material presets for DAZ Studio. Poser 5/6 material shaders are pre-loaded within the product CR2's and no MAT poses are needed.

This product has two full installers, plus a third installer with DAZ Studio optimized MAT files.
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 4
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 16 Morphing Conforming Figures:
    • Old but practical Metal-Reinforced Boots
    • Hard Leather Corset
    • Chest Belt to hold X Melee weapons
    • Cowboy Hat
    • Harness with Holsters for X's .45 magnum revolvers
    • Comfortable Set of Gaiters
    • Sexy Jeans
    • Neck Protector, to block vampire bites
    • Handless Sleeve-Gloves
    • 2 .45 Magnum Revolvers conformable to X's harness
    • .45 Magnum Revolver conformable to V4's right hand
    • .45 Magnum Revolver conformable to V4's left hand
    • Katana conformable to V4's right hand
    • Katana conformable to X's chest belt
    • Dagger conformable to V4's left hand
    • Dagger conformable to X's chest belt
  • Full Body Morphs (Where Applicable):
    • FBMBodyBuilder
    • FBMFitness
    • FBMThin
    • FBMVoluptuous
  • A Total of 44 Texture Maps (average size: 2048x2048)
    • Diffuse Maps
    • Specular Maps
    • Bump Maps
    • Displacement Maps
    • Reflection Maps
Resource Files

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