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Hat Hair Props

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  • Badge Daz Original
sku: 2695



Tired of having your figures bald when wearing hats or helmets? This pack includes various hair pieces that you can use with those hats so 'bald' days are over. All pieces are saved as smart props that you can reposition, scale or stack to suit your needs. Although the packaged hair pieces are fitted and smart propped for V3, Stephanie Petite and Girl, it can be used with other figures with some adjustments. You can even make your own customized 'hair arrangements' by using 'spawned props' from the various hair pieces, which is simplified by the multiple groups defined.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 3, The Girl, Stephanie 3
Compatible 3D Software No
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Smart Prop Hair Pieces:
    • V3 Long Back
    • V3 Short Back
    • V3 Long LSide
    • V3 Long RSide
    • V3 Short LSide
    • V3 Short RSide
    • V3 Long LFront
    • V3 Long RFront
    • V3 Short LFront
    • V3 Short RFront
    • V3 Bangs1
    • V3 Bangs2
    • SP Long Back
    • SP Short Back
    • SP Long LSide
    • SP Long RSide
    • SP Short LSide
    • SP Short RSide
    • SP Long LFront
    • SP Long RFront
    • SP Short LFront
    • SP Short RFront
    • SP Bangs1
    • SP Bangs2
    • Girl Long Back
    • Girl Short Back
    • Girl Long LSide
    • Girl Long RSide
    • Girl Short LSide
    • Girl Short RSide
    • Girl Long LFront
    • Girl Long RFront
    • Girl Short LFront
    • Girl Short RFront
    • Girl Bangs1
    • Girl Bangs2
  • Textures and Transparency Maps
    • 1 Hair Texture
    • 1 Transparency for Back hair
    • 1 Transparency for Side hair
    • 1 Transparency for Front hair
    • 1 Transparency for Bangs
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