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Faelwen for V4

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sku: 5448



Meet Faelwen, an Elven beauty for all of your fantasy needs. Faelwen is an extensive custom character package chock full of variations, giving you variations from the girl next door, to a glamorous model, to an elven enchantress. Character INJ and REM are provided for complete injection and removal, and also split into specific areas including ears only, head only, and body only. Faelwen is a photo-realistic character, from skin to eyes to brows and lips complete with additional shader settings to increase her realism. Duo-toned, she has two distinctive skin colorations to choose from and both are complete with all face and body variations. P5/P6/P7/DAZ Studio.

Additional Information
Notes This product has 2 full installers, plus an installer with DAZ|Studio Optimized Materials.
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 4
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 41 Texture Maps [Skin Maps 4096x4096 and 4000x4000]
  • 13 Bump/Displacement Maps
  • 10 Specular Maps
  • 1 TRANSmaps
  • 1 Full Character INJ and REM
  • 1 Head INJ and REM
  • 1 Body INJ and REM
  • 1 Ears INJ and REM
  • 1 Faelwen1 Full MAT file
  • 1 Faelwen2 Full MAT file
  • 4 Eye Colors [Stone, Water, Meadow, Peacock]
  • 20 Face Makeup MAT files[10 ea for Faelwen1 and Faelwen2]
  • 2 Tribal Make-Up MAT files [1 ea for Faelwen1 and Faelwen2]
  • 5 Lash MAT Files [Earthen, Jet, Jade, Midnight, Peacock]
  • 12 Lip MAT files
  • 4 Nail MAT files
  • 49 P6 Material MATs
  • 49 P5 MAT Pose files
  • 49 DAZ Studio MATs

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