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Crossbow Combat Reloaded

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The Crossbow was the hi-tech personal weapon of choice for besieging castles, fighting a pitched battle, exploring new worlds, or hunting game. For many centuries crossbows wreaked destruction in Europe, Asia, and the New World.

Crossbow Combat is an extension of the Crossbow Action props by Simon 3D. Included are 13 props: a heavy bow, light one-hand bows (left and right), bolts for each, two types of barricade shields, and quivers with bolt groups, all smart-propped to M4 and V4.

All props follow the action from cocking, loading, and shooting as seen in the promo images and library icons. All shields also move into place from pose to pose. It is very easy to shoot the bolt from the crossbow. See the Read-Me.
Only the PP2 prop files are included. You must have the Crossbow Action set with the original object and texture files for these to work.

There are 17 actions for M4, 16 for V4, one partial rider pose for each character (for turning other shooter poses into rider poses), three galloping poses for the Millennium Horse, plus one pelvis-placing partial pose for positioning and modifying your other horse poses. There are 39 all together.

Michael was posed in the Valiant boots and Victoria in the V4 Tunic boots. Poses will work with other footwear but may require tweaking.
Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 4, Michael 4
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Michael 4 Poses: (.PZ2)
    • At Ease
    • Bowman Hit
    • Cocking Crossbow 2-M
    • Cocking Crossbow 3
    • Ducking Arrows
    • Loading Crossbow 1
    • Loading Crossbow 2
    • Marching-1-1
    • Marching-2-1
    • Marching-2-2
    • Setting Shield-2
    • Shooter 1
    • Shooter 2
    • Shooter 3
    • Shooter 4
    • Shooter 5
    • Shooter Bareback-M
    • Shooter-Horse 2
    • Shooter-PartialLower-M
  • Victoria 4 Poses: (.PZ2)
    • Cocking Crossbow-V
    • Double Shot 1-V
    • Double Shot 2-V
    • Double Shot 3-V
    • Loading 1-V
    • Setting Shield2-V
    • Shielding2-V
    • Shooter-1-V
    • Shooter-2-V
    • Shooter-3-V
    • Shooter-4-V
    • Shooter-5-V
    • Shooter-Bareback-V
    • Shooter-Horse 1
    • Shooter-Horse 2
    • Shooter-Shielded-V
    • Shooting Down-V
    • Shooting Up-V
    • V4 RiderPartialLower
    • _HorsePelvis-Placement
  • Smart Parented Props: (.PP2 only)
    • Hvy Bolt-Crossbow
    • Hvy Crossbow-M4
    • LtBolt-V-LH
    • LtBolt-V-Rt
    • LtCrossbow-V-LH
    • LtCrossbow-V-RH
    • Pavise-1-M
    • Pavise-2 V
    • Pavise-2
    • Quiver-Bolts-M4r
    • Quiver-Bolts-V4
    • Quiver-M4
    • Quiver-V4

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