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Crossbow Action

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Whether besieging a castle, fighting a pitched battle, or hunting game, crossbows were the hi-tech, power weapons of choice for many hundreds of years in Europe, Asia, and the New World.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Michael 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 35 total Crossbow Crew Action poses for Michael 3
  • Two Millenium Horse Galloping Poses
  • Four English Tack Poses
  • Two William Tell Poses
  • Two William Tell Jr. Poses for Matt
  • Props (both parented and non-parented)
    • Heavy Crossbow
    • Heavy Crossbow Bolt
    • Light Crossbow
    • Light Crossbow Bolt
    • Quiver
    • Quiver Bolts
    • Large Pavise Shield
    • Large Kite Shield
  • Both Crossbows have a 'Load' morph
  • Both Shields have built-in support stakes for sticking into the ground
  • 16 Shield MATS
    • Castille (Battle and Parade)
    • Checkered (Battle and Parade)
    • Eagle (Battle and Parade)
    • Fleur-de-Lis (Battle and Parade)
    • Green (Battle and Parade)
    • Horse (Battle and Parade)
    • Lion (Battle and Parade)
    • Roses (Battle and Parade)
  • Two Crossbow Wood Textures (525x1029)
  • Crossbow Wood Bump Map (525x1029)
  • 18 Shield Textures (2000x2000)
  • Four Nicks for Shields Textures (1000x1000)
  • Quiver Texture (2000x2000)
  • Bolt Texture (600x600)

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