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Roxana Yaroslavna, Vampire Lady for V4

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sku: 5496



Crawling from the darkest corners of her city, the prideful Countess Roxana Yaroslavna watches her Domain and her kine. This soulless and lonely huntress looks into their blindness, moving between mortals like the ultimate huntress.

Roxana Yaroslavna along with Vampire Lady clothes for Victoria 4 is a complete set of fully textured morphing clothes and comfortable props - ready to be used with your Victoria 4 Gothic fantasy or modern renders.

Additional Information
Notes This product has a full installer plus an additional installer with DAZ|Studio optimized MAT files.
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 4
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
Roxana Yaroslavna/Vampire Lady clothes for Victoria 4 includes the following items:
  • A leather and bronze Belt
  • A pair of leather high-heeled Boots, a gift for her from a powerful necromancer.
  • A classic vamp cloak, to surround herself in deep shadows and invisibility
  • A sexy and not too comfortable corset
  • An ergonomic but deadly Nightmare Dagger, included in two versions - comformable to V4 left hand or comformable to the Dagger Sheath
  • An ornate Dagger Sheath to hold Nightmare Dagger
  • A set of black leather Gloves
  • Brown Velvet Pants
  • A heavy, two-handed Nightmare Sword that only a strong vampire like Roxana could hold
  • A Sword Sheath to hold Nightmare Sword
  • All the clothes are fully compatible with the following Full Body Morphs:
    • Amazon
    • BodyBuilder
    • Fitness
    • PearFigure
    • Thin
    • Young
    • Voluptuous
    • Additionally, all figures have fits for Valeria and Tabitha character sets, available at DAZ 3D.
    A total of 40 texture maps, including diffuse, specular, bump, reflection and displacement maps.
  • Material presets for DAZ|Studio, taking advantage of Posework's pwSurface powerful shaders.
  • Two hand poses to hold the weapons.
Resource Files

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