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SS Faery Rapture

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Stephanie started out as any Faery would, bright, cheerful, the curious sort, with an undying love for flowers. While traveling around in search of more flowers she stumbled upon a graveyard...Having never seen one before she thought "Oh MY! Look at all these gorgeous flowers! I shall make this my new home!" Little did she know the grave yard was already home to a much more sinister type...Bitten she was, and undead she became!...The grave yard did become her new home, but not quite in the way she expected...Now she haunts it as a Feary! Her new name is Rapture! Rapture comes packed with goodies! Hi-Res Head and Body maps with transparencies built in. Her clothing is the Millennium Woman Sci Fi Suit textured specifically for her...Her boned wings aren't very useful for flight, but luckily the magic of her new state keeps her flying just fine, you'll need the Faery Wings Deluxe to make them work. Oh and that hair! The flat top will do, who needs long gorgeous locks when you're undead?...Lets not forget her perch, you'll find the mushroom in the premier store and the textures she brings along with her...Now about the Antennae, well, Anton created them long ago for Faery who never quite found her way into the world, so they are all hers, and guess what...they can change into 4 totally different styles to suit her mood or yours!

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 2 & 1
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 8 MAPS
    • 1 Texture for the Mushroom (1000x1000)
    • 1 Texture for the Flat Top (3000x3000)
    • 1 Texture for the MW SciFi Suit (2000x1500)
    • 1 Transmap for the MW SciFi Suit (2000x1500)
    • 1 Texture for Faery Wings Deluxe (2000x1500)
    • 1 Transmap for Faery Wings Deluxe (2000x1500)
    • 1 Texture for Stephanie Head etc. (2000x2000)(lash and brow transparencies included)
    • 1 Texture for Stephanie Body etc. (4000x4000) (pubic transparencies included)
  • 6 MATS
    • 1 MAT for Stephanie
    • 1 MAT for MW SciFi Suit
    • 1 MAT for Faery Wings Deluxe
    • 1 MAT for Mushroom
    • 1 MAT for Flat Top
    • 1 MAT for Antennae
  • 2 MORS
    • 1 Character Face file for Stephanie
    • 1 Hair Style file for Flat Top
  • 1 Figure
    • Antenna with Changing Geometry by Anton

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