• $9.93
    • $9.93
    Compatible Figures:
    Aiko 3, Stephanie 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Install Types:
    Compatible Figures:
    Aiko 3, Stephanie 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Install Types:
  • Details

    Plebeian: Common Folk, of the common people.
    Cecil was all alone in the world. Daughter of a Junk Dealer in the Truman City she was nothing more then a commoner. Corruption abounded in the City and when one of the rival factions in the city demanded a cut of her fathers business, which barely made enough to feed the family, her father declined. This, in turn, led to the murder of both her father and mother.
    Being the eldest of 4, Cecil took up the role of head of house and left the daily management of the shop to her younger siblings. She often went to the outskirts of the City, to the old ruins, looking for Junk to bring back to the shop for sale. This was a dangerous task and lead to many scuffles that left Cecil hard-hearted and nimble.
    After several years of this hard life, Cecil came of age. However, a new faction had come to power, which demanded their cut in the business. One day, after a particularly hard scrounging attempt, Cecil came home to find her siblings murdered.
    With nothing to hold her any longer, Cecil packed up her few belongings, took the little money she had stored away, and left the business, vowing revenge on those who had destroyed her family.

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    What's Included and Features

    • 5 Conforming Figures for Aiko 3 and Stephanie Petite
      • Shirt
      • Shorts
      • Arms (Gloves)
      • Boots
      • Coat
    • 4 Complete Texture Sets
      • Rogue
      • Royal
      • Mission
      • Wood
    • 5 P5 Reset White Mats for reseting after using Reflects
    • 1 Coat Transparancy (On and Off Mats)
    • Full Body Morphs Stephanie Petite
      • Muscular
      • Skinny
      • FaerieYoung
      • Voluptuous
      • Breast 1,3,4,5
      • Waist Narrow
      • Hip Narrow
      • Hip Small
      • Big Glute
    • Full Body Morphs Aiko 3
      • Realistic
      • Stylized
      • Full Figure
      • Muscular
      • Young
      • Voluptuous
      • Breast 2,3
      • Waist Narrow
      • Small Hip
      • Glute Big
    • Netherworks Morphs also included
      • Fey
      • Lithe
      • Arms Big
      • Breast Out
      • Legs Big
      • Legs Lite
    • Coat Movement Morphs
      • Out right
      • Out Left
      • Out-Up right
      • Out-Up Left
      • Forward Right
      • Forward Left
      • Back Right
      • Back Left
      • Flare
      • Length



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