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  • Badge Daz Original
sku: 3109


Made for use with Victoria 3.0

Inspired by sci-fi anime, ArtemisX is a tough, cybernetic mercenary from the near future. She can get in close to her target with the semi-auto 11mm Lancer sidearms, or take down her enemy from afar with the powerful 20mm borg-stopping Longbow rifle, both courtesy of the master weaponsmith Joshua Kohl.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • AXSuit (cr2 and obj)
    • Muscular1
    • Young
    • Voluptuous
    • BreastSize3
    • BreastSize6
    • BreastSize8
    • HipNarrow
    • WaistNarrow
    • JCMlCollarBend (must be set manually)
    • JCMrCollarBend (must be set manually)
  • AXBoots (cr2 and obj)
    • Muscular1
    • Young
    • Voluptuous
    • Material zones to make the boots knee or ankle length
  • AXGloves (cr2 and obj)
    • Muscular1
    • Voluptuous
    • Material zones to make the gloves wrist length
    • Note: the 'hide hands' utility file may be needed in some posing
  • AXBelt (cr2 and obj) Also included is a version with the prop Holsters and Pouches already attached
    • Muscular1
    • Voluptuous
    • Young
    • HipNarrow
  • 5 Pouches (pp2 and obj)
    • Smartpropped to the AXBelt
  • 2 Holsters (pp2 and obj)
    • Smartpropped to the AXBelt
    • Holster 'empty' morph
  • 2 Lancer Pistols (pp2 and obj)
    • Smart Propped to Holsters or V3's hands
  • Longbow Rifle (pp2 and obj)
    • Smartpropped to V3's RHand
  • 2 Neural Interface Implants (pp2 and obj)
    • Smartpropped to V3's Head
  • 25 MAT files featuring three distinct texture styles
  • Utility poses for repositioning the AXBelt's props when using the FBM's
  • Partial poses for Longbow and Lancer two-handed grasping
  • Hand Poses for grasping the guns
  • Custom INJ/REM morph for V3's temples to give the Neural Interfaces a more 'imbedded' look
  • 34 detailed texture and bump maps ranging from 1500x1500 to 2500x2500
Resource Files

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