Just Posh

Just Posh

  • $12.95
    • $12.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio
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    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio
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  • Details

    Just Posh is a large set of luxury textures for your Genesis Morphing Business Suit. Arranged in three coordinating color groups – Navy, Burgundy and Grey – this set goes right over the top with touchable fabrics and decadent surfaces. It also includes the Posh Shirt – a remapped version of the MBS shirt designed for click-on shirt front pleats, frills and pintucks. All these are included in the set, with Posh Shirt versions of your original MBS shirts along with a special mesh texture.

    Glittering brocades, soft silks, gleaming satins, finely detailed tapestries and plush velvets are the mainstays of this gorgeous set. Each color group includes a stunning suit texture. There is grey Thai silk, burgundy velvet and navy figured silk. A pair of matching silk shirt textures are also in each set, along with three stunning waistcoats and a selection of complementary fine fabrics for fedoras, bow ties, neckties,scarves, cravats and handkerchiefs. Add a trio of very expensive crocodile shoes and your Genesis character is ready to star at the poshest, most fashion-forward soirees in the whole 3D world.

    Many of the surfaces use HSS for extra realism and the applied textures are of extremely high resolution. Use them together, or mix them up with your MBS base textures to give this versatile clothing set even more options.

    What's Included and Features

    • Wardrobe:
      • 1 Re-mapped ShirtG (.DSF)
    • Materials:
      • Add Buttonholes
      • Add Shirt Front Frills
      • Add Shirt Front Pintucks
      • Add Shirt Front Pleats
      • Black Crocodile Shoes
      • Burgundy Floral Bow Tie
      • Burgundy Floral Cravat
      • Burgundy Floral Neck Tie
      • Burgundy Satin Bow Tie
      • Burgundy Satin Cravat
      • Burgundy Satin Fedora Band
      • Burgundy Satin Lapel
      • Burgundy Satin Neck Tie
      • Burgundy Satin Waistcoat
      • Burgundy Silk Jersey Scarf
      • Burgundy Tapestry Bow Tie
      • Burgundy Tapestry Cravat
      • Burgundy Tapestry Fedora Band
      • Burgundy Tapestry Neck Tie
      • Burgundy Tapestry Waistcoat
      • Burgundy Velvet Fedora
      • Burgundy Velvet Pants
      • Grey Black Bow Tie
      • Grey Black Cravat
      • Grey Black Fedora Band
      • Grey Black Neck Tie
      • Grey Crocodile Shoes
      • Grey Dragon Silk Waistcoat
      • Grey Lacy Waistcoat
      • Grey Satin Waistcoat
      • Grey Silk Fedora
      • Grey Silk Jersey Scarf
      • Grey Spotty Silk Bow Tie
      • Grey Spotty Silk Cravat
      • Grey Spotty Silk Fedora Band
      • Grey Spotty Silk Neck Tie
      • Grey Striped Bow Tie
      • Grey Striped Cravat
      • Grey Striped Fedora Band
      • Grey Striped Neck Tie
      • Grey Thai Silk Jacket
      • Grey Thai Silk Pants
      • Mesh Shirt Your Diffuse
      • Navy Crocodile Shoes
      • Navy Dotted Fedora Band
      • Navy Figured Silk Bow Tie
      • Navy Figured Silk Cravat
      • Navy Figured Silk Fedora
      • Navy Figured Silk Jacket
      • Navy Figured Silk Neck Tie
      • Navy Figured Silk Pants
      • Navy Floral Tapestry Cravat
      • Navy Floral Tapestry Fedora Band
      • Navy Floral Tapestry Waistcoat
      • Navy Gold Tapestry Cravat
      • Navy Gold Tapestry Fedora Band
      • Navy Gold Tapestry Waistcoat
      • Navy Magenta Silk Bow Tie
      • Navy Magenta Silk Cravat
      • Navy Magenta Silk Neck Tie
      • Navy Red Embroidered Silk Waistcoat
      • Navy Silk Jersey Scarf
      • Navy Tapestry Waistcoat
      • Navy White Silk Bow Tie
      • Navy White Silk Fedora Band
      • Navy White Silk Neck Tie
      • Navy White Silk Waistcoat
      • Pale Blue Silk Hanky
      • Pale Blue Silk Shirt
      • Pale Green Silk Hanky
      • Pale Green Silk Shirt
      • Pale Grey Silk Hanky
      • Pale Grey Silk Shirt
      • Pale Pink Silk Hanky
      • Pale Pink Silk Shirt
      • Pale Yellow Silk Hanky
      • Pale Yellow Silk Shirt
      • Posh Shirt 1 Your Diffuse
      • Posh Shirt 2 Your Diffuse
      • Posh Shirt 3 Your Diffuse
      • Posh Shirt 4 Your Diffuse
      • Posh Shirt 5 Your Diffuse
      • Posh Shirt 6 Your Diffuse
      • Post Damask Shirt Your Diffuse
      • Remove Buttonholes
      • Remove Shirt Front Deco
      • Sleeves Invisible
      • Sleeves Visible
      • Tuck In Shirt
      • Velvet Brocade Bow Tie
      • Velvet Brocade Fedora Band
      • Velvet Brocade Waistcoat
      • White Silk Hanky
      • White Silk Shirt
    • Textures Include:
      • 84 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Normal, Specular and Transparency Maps (up to 3000 x 3000)
    • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)



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